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Nick Snapp from The Make it Snappy Productivity Show Podcast Bio


Nick Snapp is building the most effective, action-driven accountability platform for entrepreneurs on the planet, Real Accountable.  He is the owner of Inspire Me Solutions, where he consults with organizations to remove bottlenecks, save time and increase profitability through productivity and project management. 

Nick earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Union College and MBA from the University of Florida.  He obtained Lean/Six Sigma and Project Management Professional certifications, and worked 14 years in the nuclear and phosphate industries, where he led teams as a capital project manager, responsible for multi-million-dollar projects. 

Nick leverages his leadership and technical background in everything he does. He is best known as the atypical-engineer host of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show podcast, and all things “snappy," for that matter.


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Description:  Do you have an accountability partner? If you do, you're probably not making the best use of your time together.  If you don't you'll need some hacks for finding a good one. Nick has developed a checklist to help you both find a great accountability partner AND make the most effective use of your time when checking in with your partner. The goal is to bring you one step closer to what real accountability looks like.


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Potential Topics We Could Discuss

  • What does real accountability look like?
  • Why most people get productivity wrong
  • Hacking Corporate: How to create a work environment that works for you and your company
  • How to save an hour off your day immediately
  • Building a business while being present for your family
  • How to apply Lean principles to your work for hyper-productivity