100 - The Very Best of Make it Snappy

Where do we begin with a "Best of" Show?

There have been so many snappy moments these first 100 episodes and The Make it Snappy Productivity Team all pitched in to reflect on their "BEST OF” moments to share with all of you listeners, not to mention we had a few very special listeners contribute and share their perspective as well.

This is a really fun episode hand-picked by our fantastic team here at Make it Snappy that took A LOT of work!

Here’s an introduction to our team and the listeners who contributed, including links to each of their favorite moments.  Please celebrate with us by leaving a comment to these show notes!

Much love Snappy Nation.



Niel Guilarte

You know I couldn’t let our Production Manager, Niel Guilarte, go without saying a few words. Niel’s been a critical member of the team and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with him.  He’s the guy who listens to every sound byte I’ve ever put out so he’s knows exactly what “the best of” means to Make it Snappy

He’s the founder of Wildstyle Media and host of the All Things Post podcast. Check out Niel’s work at wildstylemedia.net and get ready this coming February at Podfest Multimedia Expo where The Messengers Podcast Documentary will premiere. 

Niel’s the Executive Director of the film and he’s been working his butt off on the project.  Still, with all he has going on he somehow manages to make time to produce our show, Snappy Nation…he’s that kind of guy!

We’ll post links to the documentary trailer and for Podfest, they’ll both be off the chain!  DJ Wildstyle Nile Guilarte’s favorite memories:

Emily Triplett

Emily Triplett is our Social Media manager for The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, you’ve probably run into Emily if you’re a member of The P.O.P. Facebook group where she’s contributing to our community daily.  She’s the best! 

Emily is finishing up her degree at the University of South Florida and it’s been an amazing experience working with her this past year.  She’s a go-getter and she’s all about productivity…Emily’s favorite memories:

Rodolfo Priego

Coming all the way from The Philippines, our Executive Assistant, Rodolfo Priego does a wonderful job taking care of the very same show notes you’re reading right now at this moment! 

Rodolfo’s favorite moment was interesting because there’s no actual sound clip I could find to marry with Rodolfo’s memory.  I believe it’s something that happened before we actually cut the interview, so it would have been in one of the raw audio files.  As hard as we tried, with 100 episodes it’s like finding a needle in a haystack…So unfortunately we were unsuccessful in locating the actual clip but I was really humbled by what he had to say.

Nazach Snapp

The woman who needs no introduction…

Team member, life partner, my wife Nazach Snapp. I love the time Nazach and I get to spend together each month kicking of the show’s latest topic-of-the-month.  It’s one of the few times throughout the day with three kids at home that we can focus in and have an adult conversation!

It’s always a blast getting behind the mic with her and I’m grateful to have her on each month. Nazach’s favorite memories were from:

Dr. Clem “Let it Flow” Harrod

Last but certainly not least, I think I say that every month when he joins us on our expert panels, it’s your favorite and mine, sports videographer, widescreen projectionist and podcaster, HONORARY Dr. Clem “Let it Flow” Harrod the founder of CLEMCO.AV 

Clem and I’s favorite memories on Make it Snappy:



Mindi Rosser

Mindi Rosser is a very cool listener and member of our P.O.P. Facebook group, who’s mission is to empower women and men to overcome adversity in their lives and become strong leaders, pursue their dreams and their purpose.  She uses her social media marketing business to help them share that message effectively, and find their tribe. You can learn more about Mindi at mindirosser.com.  Mindi’s favorite moment from Make it Snappy:

Dana Yarn

Our special Make it Snappy listener, Dana Yarn is the Owner of Life Moves Studio out of the Atlanta, GA area where she offers Pilates, Yoga, TRX and much more.

Her studio is on the move! She has some NFL players coming in these days: Falcon’s players doing pilates (who knew?).  We’re all excited for her because not only is she one of our biggest supporters, she’s also my sister! 

Dana was really excited to say a few words about Episode #62, with Sarah Mastriani-Levi...


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  • Episode Starts [1:30]
  • Shawn Blanc clip [2:12]
  • Mindi Rosser's remarks [4:40] 
  • Mindi's clip [5:27]
  • Jonathan Milligan's clip [7:44]
  • Dana Yarn's remarks [10:05]
  • Sarah Mastriani-Levi's clip [11:11]
  • Neil's favorite moments [12:34]
  • Francis's Wade's clip [13:30]
  • Episode 98 clip [17:00]
  • The ONE Thing w/ Geoff clip [19:36]
  • Emily's favorite moments on the show [23:27]
  • Episode 75 clip [24:00]
  • Episode 72 clip [25:18]
  • Rodolfo's favorite snappy moment clip [27:04]
  • Nick's favorite moment [28:50]
  • A joke from Ethan [31:50]
  • "Fancy Breakfast Day" clip [33:13]
  • Nazach's favorite episode [35:57]
  • "Step-back" clip [36:50]
  • Another favorite moment from Nazach [38:30]
  • Episode 49 clip [39:00]
  • Nick's favorite moment with Clem [40:10]
  • Clem's clip (The Hustle Panel) [49:30]
  • Clem's memorable episode [42:00]
  • Episode 5 clip [42:30]
  • Episode 25 Ky Phan "Performance Indicators" [43:40]
  • Episode 25 clip [43:50]
  • Clem's inspirational remarks [47:45]