101 - Goals, Accountability & Idea Validation (with Nazach Snapp)

Don’t lie…have you abandoned your New Year’s resolutions already?

You’re not alone... 

Nazach and I touch on New Year’s resolutions and some of the pitfalls people fall victim to in not following through.  We also dig into some solutions for how we overcome them in the Snapp house.  The biggest pitfall?  Lack of accountability! Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not you need it…you need it bad.

Since we’re on the subject of pitfalls…Nazach and I address one of the biggest traps for entrepreneurs.  This one’s so big it’s a travesty:

Your ineffective efforts to validate your big ideas.  

I have a ton of experience in this area!  I open up and give you all kinds of insight into what I messed up on and what I'm doing differently as a result of my experience in the land of “working in my own silo.” 

NOT validating my ideas has really crippled my progress as an entrepreneur when I first started side hustling.  Listen and learn what I’m doing about it and what you can and should do differently as well.


Real Accountable: Accountability on Steroids

  • Real Accountable (RA) is Nick's call-you-out, hit-you-between-the-eyes, not gonna put up with your lame excuses, accountability for entrepreneurs.

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  • Show Starts [3:22]
  • The word "scaleable" [7:00]
  • High engagement/low attachment and the "lovely guy" [8:00]
  • Goals (family) [11:30]
  • Long- and short-term goals for Nazach [14:30]
  • Family trip goal [16:00]
  • The fearful friend [18:00]
  • "It was accountability" [20:17]
  • The BEARDED BEAST! [23:10]
  • What it's like to be in Nick's shoes [26:00]
  • Why entrepreneurs shy away from "Idea Validation" [29:08]
  • The "road less traveled" moments [32:50]
  • The tale of the "Snappinars" [34:00]
  • Monetizing accountability [38:59]
  • Tweaking (Will it Fly?) [42:37]
  • Learning the hard way [45:50]
  • Corporate pet project story [48:10]
  • Stakeholders [50:36]
  • The Validation Process [53:09]