102 - Stop Thinking Like an Employee (with Jeff McDermott)

If you think you’re ready to scale your business you need to listen...  

If you think you’re an entrepreneur, you need to listen.  Jeff McDermott, founder and Chief Visionary Officer at The Lights on Lab, a private membership based Entrepreneurship Ecosystem based out of Southern California will school you on how real entrepreneurs think.  His favorite quote, "innovation is always an option."

Jeff is on my Board of Advisors for Real Accountable and if there’s anyone who can help you validate and scale your business idea, he’s the man to get it done.

Jeff and I talk about how he got his start in real estate and why he’s so passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale their business.

Jeff and I talk about how he got his start in real estate and why he’s so passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale their business.  We talk in depth about what it means to be an entrepreneur and why most people have an “employee mindset” and miss the mark. 

Not on is Jeff an in-your-face-type-of-guy who won’t put up excuses, I’ve come up with many, believe me, but he’s always thinking about the big picture: where’s this going, how can you take yourself out of the picture and what can you do to create a legacy?  

As an Advisor, he challenges me continuously through our weekly Real Accountable get-togethers with "The Collective," and I’m sure he’ll challenge you as you listen to this episode. It’s a remarkably valuable conversation that you’ll definitely enjoy.  If anything Jeff and I talk about resonates with you, and you think you would benefit by working with Jeff head on over to RealAccountable.com and submit your application to the most effective, action-driven accountability platform on the planet! 

Jeff will be there to challenge your beliefs and how you think about your business.


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  • Show Starts [2:15]
  • What is a Chief Visionary Officer? [3:30]
  • Tell us about your first business [5:45]
  • How Jeff became a Chief Revenue Officer [8:40]
  • The few who get it right the first time [10:50]
  • Starting early [13:20]
  • How did you become so interested in idea validation? [16:31]
  • Minimum positive potential customers [19:50]
  • Jeff's influence for how he approaches idea validation [21:10]
  • Staying nimble and advice for millennial entrepreneurs [25:10]
  • Why helping startups is important [29:00]
  • True entrepreneurship [32:30]
  • Staying afloat (outsourcing) [35:00]
  • The employee mentality [39:35]
  • How has your family been affected by your "serial entrepreneur" mindset? [42:00]
  • Describe your perfect day. [44:20]
  • Where to find Jeff [46:00]