103 - Innovative Ways to Test Your Business Idea

"What's the one action you took that yielded the biggest results for you in terms of validating an idea?”

I was blown away by the high levels of insight I received in response to this question. This episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show gives you first-hand experiences of how to test and validate your business idea without wasting a lot of time and money.

Today’s a special solo-episode where I’ve gleaned some innovative strategies for testing your business idea from two of my favorite Facebook communities (in addition to my own Productive on Purpose (POP) of course) - The Screw the Nine to Five Community and the Millennial Entrepreneurs

These fine young, incredibly intelligent entrepreneurs provide some great nuggets about idea validation for your consumption and I’m excited to get on with the show and give you their insight.  

There’s a lot here so, I’ll first start with all the innovative entrepreneurs who gave me their feedback on testing and validating their business ideas in the Screw the Nine to Five with Jill and Josh Stanton.

The question I posed was, "What's the one action you took that yielded the biggest results for you in terms of validating an idea?”

I received a ton of great feedback, I couldn’t include everyone but thanks nevertheless to all of you who responded to my post.  H ere’s my lineup of innovative entrepreneurs who took the time to send me their personal feedback, in order of appearance on the podcast, and how you can find them online.  I outlined our threads from the Facebook comments for your reference:

Charlene Burke
Charlene Burke is a Marketing and Search Consultant. She started Search by Burke, LLC, in 2008, and provides research and online marketing training to the business community. She creates marketing plans, conducts secondary and primary research, and offers training to professionals and teams in Social Selling, Research Your Way to Better Sales, and Standout the Right Way in Social Media. She has been facilitating Masterminds for Solo Business Owners since 2009 and has recently opened them to the public with great response.  She’s also the founder of Grow Alliance Business Retreat.  Learn more at TheGrowAlliance.com

Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller is the creator of Moolah Marketing. She has a knack for building audiences and then monetizing them. She has created Facebook pages that reach millions of fans. In the past year one of those audiences has brought in over 250K in revenue, with high profit margins. Her most recent product launch generated 90K in sales in a single week. She will share how to make your products get viral attention.  Learn more by clicking here.

Luis Alvarado
Luis is the Founder & CEO of igKnightMedia where he helps businesses succeed and grow their revenue by leveraging social media channels and advertising through a proven, results-driven social media strategy to generate more leads, add more clients and increase revenue.   He's currently an engineer at Feynman Nano, the world's leading company in API for nanotexturing and YC graduate. In the dance industry he's founded “Plugged TV” the world’s first live streaming dance service via Facebook LIVE.

Kevin Wall.jpg

Kevin Wall
Kevin is a Performance Coach and Founder of Fulfilled Purpose, a coaching program designed to help busy professionals find more meaning in their day to day lives. I’ve helped my clients do everything from find new jobs, start new businesses, lose weight, connect with their family on a deeper level, and ultimately achieve more than they ever thought possible.  Learn more at http://fulfilledpurpose.com.

Frank C Jones.jpg

Frank C. Jones
Frank started working in his family's restaurant back in 1995 and his entrepreneurial spirit was born. Over the years, he's been a computer repair technician, wedding and event photographer, internet marketer, WordPress administrator, and world travel consultant.

Today, Frank's business focuses on internet marketing with Wikipedia, WordPress administration, and teaching people how to fly anywhere in the world for around $100.

He’s the organizer for the Raleigh SEO Meetup and a co-organizer with the Triangle WordPress Meetup. Feel free to catch up with him at one of the events hosted by these groups in Raleigh.


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  • Show Starts [4:50]
  • Cory's response [5:24]
  • Nick's feedback [7:00]
  • April Lewis' response "pick up the phone and start asking people" [8:00]
  • Comment from Shelley [10:15]
  • Gary and Shane's response [12:00]
  • Charlene's feedback (audio) [13:14]
  • Rachel's "make it snappy" secrets on idea validation (audio) [15:40]
  • Luis Alvarado on testing and validating [20:10]
  • Daniel's response [26:00]
  • Tom's comment [27:20]
  • Colin's CSR and few areas of marketing [28:10]
  • Kevin's fantastic responses (audio) [29:50]
  • Eric's reply [33:35]
  • Frank's case study clip (audio) [35:00]
  • The last comment from Tom [37:40]