104 - The Art & Science of Failing Fast (with Tom Sylvester)

Dr. “Let it Flow” Clem Harrod and I decided to do a co-interview today with our guest, serial entrepreneur, husband, father and computer scientist, Mr. Tom Sylvester.  Tom’s the founder of SerialStartups.co, among several other businesses, including a real estate firm and wine/liquor store, that he and his wife Ariana own and operate out of the Rochester, New York area. 

Serial Startups is a community for people that want to start one or more businesses to achieve their goals and secure their desired lifestyle, a resource they wish they would have had when starting their first business, and I tell ya there’s a TON of value on this site. Tom & Ariana host an amazing podcast that goes by the same name as well. 

So Clem and I talk with Tom in depth about the idea of failing fast and how productive this can be for new businesses: we share stories and talk about what it’s like to do it all, the RIGHT way, with a family by your side.  We present to you Clem and I’s interview with Tom Sylvester.


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  • Show Starts! [3:10]
  • The reality checker [4:30]
  • Tom's most painful failure [6:00]
  • The great conversation [12:00]
  • Tom's favorite business failure [15:20]
  • Passive "hands-off" business [18:40]
  • Awakening possibilities [24:40]
  • How can someone fail as quickly as one week? [27:00]
  • The benefits of putting yourself in an uncomfortable position [29:50]
  • Two questions to create clients [32:00]
  • Tom's podcasting story [37:20]
  • Tom's upfront help [39:30]
  • Advice for Clem [42:00]
  • Where to find Tom [44:11]