106 - A Mind for Productivity (with Mike Vardy)

A clear head provides endless opportunities for productivity…

My guest and friend Mike Vardy is a clear testimony of how to get more done and reduce stress by thinking and planning differently. 

Mike’s the founder of Productivityist.com. He’s appeared in the pages of SUCCESS magazine, the Huff Post, Lifehacker, and many more. He’s a published author, speaker and one of the first productivity podcasters to broadcast his message to help people stop “doing” productive and start “being productive".

Mike reveals a brand new concept he’s developed called the Productivity ROI - you can actually score your productivity each day! It’s a great conversation you’ll want to play to a few times over to take it all in…

So if you listened to the last episode, you may be like, “what’s up with the new format, where's the documentary of your story?” Well, I was happy to take a quick (premature) hyalites to build some buffer in and get ahead with the content to keep it as high quality as possible…it’s just something that had to happen.  

All that being said, it’s my absolute pleasure to present to you the one and only Mike Vardy.


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  • Show Starts [4:13]
  • Amazing things done while travelling [6:00]
  • The 80% chance (business class flight story)[8:00]
  • Using the mind to store less stuff [12:10]
  • The Three B's [14:50]
  • Mapping things out [17:00]
  • Mental priming [21:14]
  • Modes [24:00]
  • Giving your brain a break [26:40]
  • Advice from Mike on estimating tasks [28:20]
  • Cooking dinner (and priority points) [31:30]
  • Priority points [34:00]
  • Journaling and the "Productivity ROI" [37:00]
  • Jumping to Idea Validation [40:40]
  • Redesign, rebuild, reclaim [42:10]
  • The Oh! moments [45:00]
  • The book deal story [48:00]
  • What do you do to confirm the people actually want the book? [51:05]
  • Book vs Course [53:40]
  • Saying No! [56:00]
  • What's Mike been up to? [1:00:00]
  • Real Accountable reflections [1:01:49]
  • Cheapest form of accountability [1:04:31]
  • The big pay-off [1:06:00]
  • Next time on Make it Snappy [1:07:00]