107 - Trials & Tribulations of the Beta Launch

Launching a beta test comes along with a very unique set of challenges.

If you want to learn about what it's like to be in the fray, listen to this episode of how Nick is launching the Real Accountable platform and how he is (or is not) doing it productively. There are ton of productivity nuggets in here that you can learn from listening to his story and experience.


"The Boss for the Bossless"

  • Real Accountable (RA) is Nick's call-you-out, hit-you-between-the-eyes, not gonna put up with your lame excuses, accountability for entrepreneurs looking to scale their business.  You don't want a boss, but you need one...we'll hold your feet to the fire.

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PEople Mentioned


  • Story Starts [2:00]
  • Diving into Nick's weekly review [4:50]
  • RA hours spent [6:18]
  • Sales calls, admins staff, etc. [8:30]
  • Bumping up the systems and processess [10:20]
  • What went well this week? [11:06]
  • Facebook clean-up [12:50]
  • The "Pressure" [15:33]
  • Automation [17:00]
  • Arne and the funnel [18:50]
  • Landing page changes [20:50]
  • Selling and pitching: the hot seat moment! [22:00]
  • Was Nick productive? [26:00]
  • The 21-day detox [27:00]
  • What's that ONE thing? [28:20]
  • Next time on Make it Snappy [28:40]