108 - How to Leverage LIVE Events

If you’re going to a live event, there are things you can do to make the most out of the experience. 

This presentation of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show is jam-packed with tips from the pros. It includes a snippets from my experience at the best live event I’ve ever attended, Podfest Multimedia Expo.  We go through not only my lessons learned from Podfest, but what I learned in dealing with a storm of adversity the week before launching a product.

Events, conferences, gatherings and meetups are all about relationships. It was the week before launching my second beta test of my platform and I attended and was featured as a speaker at Podfest. The week was amazing on multiple levels and I established lifelong connections with many of the people who attended. 

Image uploaded from iOS (2).jpg

Yet, there was a storm of events that happened this week that almost jeopardized my launch. 

It was a week I’ll never forget, and I documented it play-by-play for you Snappy Nation. Thanks for listening, there’s plenty to learn from this experience...enjoy.


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  • Previously on Make It Snappy [2:00]
  • The Weekly Review [4:10]
  • Lessons learned from our web developer [6:00]
  • The Wednesday pressure [8:40]
  • Stormy events [10:50]
  • Saleshero  50% discount and Patreon [12:50] 
  • What went well this week? [15:11]
  • Danny Pena clip [17:11]
  • What Danny would do if he was in Nick's shoes  and where to find him [21:02]
  • Challenges and things to improve [22:00]
  • Jay Wong in the house! (clip) [24:00]
  • Jonathan Milligan on live events (clip) [29:00]
  • Ralph and Carol Lynn Rivera's take on live events (clip) [31:19]
  • Was Nick productive? [34:15]
  • Ralph Rivera's insights toward the show (clip) [35:40]
  • Carbon-Based Business Units [40:00]
  • What did Nick learn? (Joseph Warren Clip) [40:53]