109 - Beauty in the Beta Test

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

The launch of the second beta test group for my Real Accountable platform was filled with dramatic missteps. Yet, we made it!

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and there is plenty to learn from here.

If you dig productivity and you want some real hacks on how to launch a startup, you’ll learn quickly from my mistakes this week!


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  • Show starts (Previously on Make It Snappy) [1:00]
  • The rainy story (time with the boys) [2:00]
  • Scared and confused [4:00]
  • The time tracker [5:30]
  • Salvaging RA [7:42]
  • Getting pissed and dumping CoachAccountable [9:20]
  • What went well this week [14:00]
  • Beauty in the Beta Test [15:20]
  • Challenges and things to improve [17:00]
  • Trouble creating MVP (Minimum Viable Product) [18:40]
  • Lessons learned [19:38]
  • Next time on Make it Snappy [21:26]
  • Bonus! (The Joke) [24:40]