117 - Practical Tips on Showing Up 100% (with Josh Cheetham)

What does it take to show up 100% in all areas of your life?

It first takes a mindset shift.  Then, it takes a good look in the mirror.  My guest today, Josh Cheetham will give us some really cool insight on how to show up 100% in everything you do by learning how to be your true self.

Josh is a mindset coach who believes productivity is relative to being present in the moment and how well you know your true nature. In this interview we cover some practical strategies for getting clear on who you are, what is your truth and how can you allow this to carry over in other parts of your life.

Josh gives us a very practical challenge that will force you to reflect on your actions in the various areas of your life and choose how to make them easier. The secret is being true to yourself. Enjoy this interesting conversation I had with mindset coach and the founder of BEYOU, Josh Cheetham.





  • Previously on Make it Snappy [2:00]
  • Was Nick productive? (Do you want it back?) [4:30]
  • Welcome Josh! [5:00]
  • The resistance (getting to your own truth) [8:00]
  • Tell us a story about a time when you were NOT productive [10:00]
  • Knowing who you really are [12:30]
  • A good example of saying "no" [14:50]
  • Being present [17:30]
  • Setting intentions [20:20]
  • Intentional commitment [25:00]
  • Three things (Tips to improve productivity) [27:00]
  • The weekly challenge [29:00]
  • Five areas of life (example intentions) [32:00]
  • Where to find Josh [35:10]
  • Biggest lessons learned [36:00]
  • Next on Make It Snappy [38:18]



  • Write down the five key areas of your life:
    • Self
    • Health
    • Wealth
    • Business
    • Relationship
  • Set three intentions in each area and share it.

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