119 - Building a Routine that Sticks (w/Romain Derrien)

You’ve tried again and again to develop new habits…

What’s the issue? What do you need to make them stick? I could go on and on for hours but I really like the approach my guest Romain Derrien takes in the frustrating world of creating habits that sticks.  Romain has developed one of the best apps on the planet for making your morning routine, or any routine for that matter effective! It’s a brand new way to look at routines and I’m excited to share the knowledge with you.

Romain grew up Paris but has been in London for 10 years.  He’s passionate about mobile technology, so much so that he developed over 50 apps over the course of one year and he keeps making them better and better.  He read a blog post early in his career from Carter Thomas about making apps and got hooked!

You’ll gain a ton of value from our conversation and if you stick around until the end, you’ll learn how to form new brain connections in a really interesting way through Romain’s challenge.

For you, Snappy Nation, Romain is the man because he’s a productivity geek and he’s developed tools for himself for fun, that he’s now offering to you (for FREE), like his latest, Morning Routine: Daily Habit Tracker

Check it out right here below and grab it now for FREE.





  • Previously on Make it Snappy [2:00]
  • Guest Info [4:15]
  • Romain's story about the need to help facilitate forming good habits. [7:00]
  • What kind of apps were you developing? [9:19]
  • Key things for the Morning Routine App [12:00]
  • Changes Romain made by listening to the customers [15:00]
  • Morning routine's cool updates [18:00]
  • Mimicking celebrity routines [20:30]
  • The missing element (personal development) [25:50]
  • What is the difference between creating a habit and setting a goal? [28:15]
  • Starting small (habits) [31:00]
  • The weekly challenge [34:30]
  • When does a habit become a habit? [36:50]
  • Words of wisdom [38:00]
  • Where to find Romain [38:28]
  • Lessons learned [41:00]
  • Next time on Make it Snappy [45:00]



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