12 - Champion-Hearted Fireballs Only (with Greg Faxon)

A good coach has a better coach.  A champion-hearted fireball has coach Greg Faxon!

For the past few months you’ve been listening to me coach guests on air for almost two months but it’s time to introduce to you, my coach, Greg Faxon.

Champion-Hearted Fireball indeed

Champion-Hearted Fireball indeed

“If you’re not intentional and you go on autopilot you’re going to pay the price" -Greg Faxon

Greg Faxon is the only high-stakes performance coach who catalyzes radical and lasting results for champion-hearted fireballs everywhere.  He works with business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are driven to be the BEST at their game, without sacrificing their health or relationships.

To Greg, productivity means living deliberately in a culture that trains you to settle. 

Even before embarking on his high-performance coaching business, Greg performed at an All-American level in wrestling.  He uses many of the principles he mastered in athletics throughout his approach to business.

I’ve been working with Greg through his Catalyst program for seven months now, and he's the guy who really got the fire started and encouraged me to give this coaching thing a shot and as it turns out, you may have already guessed it...I absolutely LOVE coaching!

You wouldn’t be listening to this podcast right now, had I not pivoted my strategy from lean/six sigma engineering consulting to productivity coaching, and I owe a HUGE portion of this pivot to Greg.  

Greg and the  Riverside Project

Greg and the Riverside Project

Greg runs his business remotely from 80 acres of West Virginia farmland, with his partner Emma, and his dog Scout.  I know you'll enjoy this interview with my coach and good friend, the guy who transformed me into champion-hearted fireball, Greg Faxon.


90-mins of coaching

w/ Nick Snapp

(all fees waived)

Show Notes

  • Interview w/Greg Faxon begins [3:13]
  • What is a champion-hearted fireball? [4:44]
  • What purpose drives Greg forward? [6:40]
  • Go wide or dig deep? [8:00]
  • Put a stake in the ground and ask, “why?” [10:20]
  • Focusing in on systems is a lie (it’s not about the numbers) [11:00]
  • How Greg challenged Nick [12:01]
  • Internet Marketing Coaches vs. Transformational Coaches [12:45]
  • When to use automation [14:10]
  • What’s the balance between scale and transformation? [14:53]
  • The flip from external to internal [16:30]
  • How do you live deliberately? [17:55]
  • Bringing it back to engineering [20:20]
  • Society pays you for bravery [21:35]
  • How society trains you to settle [22:30]
  • The three domains of your life: contribution, connection and vitality [24:18]
  • Running on default based on brain chemistry [27:35]
  • Not settling and being intentional with the News [29:30]
  • Do you have what it takes? [33:05]
  • What is creative avoidance? [35:00]
  • What would Zack do? [39:08]
  • Sitting in uncertainty with the side hustle [41:30]
  • When you’re in service you can’t be in fear [44:10]
  • Cold showers and fear [46:00]
  • Brave vs. Reckless [46:45]
  • Greg does Kanye West and Jay-Z’s, No Church in the Wild, in American Sign Language [48:10]