120 - From Near-Death to Mindful Life (w/Dan LeFave)

Near-Death brings life…

Dan LeFave transformed his near-death experience into an entirely new way of experiencing life.  Would you gain value from reading a book 30 times?  From stepping into uncertainty? From redefining your boundaries?  Dan gives us practical examples of applying mindfulness to the every day. 

After surviving a fatal car accident at the age of 7, Dan LeFave received what he calls “a warning shot,” life’s second chance. Inspired by his near death accident, Dan began to see the world differently and understand people at a deeper level.  At the end of each day, Dan recommends we ask ourselves “Did I love, Did I laugh, Did I learn, Did I serve?” Since then, he plotted a path for a life full of risk-taking, facing adversities head-on, and stepping into uncertainty with confidence.  He’s dedicated to helping seasoned entrepreneurs do the same.

Dan is co-author of Stepping Stones to Success with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley. He is an international inspirational and top-motivation mindset coach. Dan teaches his clients how to cultivate rich mindsets so that success and happiness is inevitable. 


Dan is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how their mind works to create the results they want all of the time.  He helps people clarify their goals with absolute precision, install it at the deepest levels of their mind and harmonize it with the natural laws of the universe.

Dan is also an expert in leading multi-million dollar businesses in the management and negotiations of commercial real estate agreements and telecommunications projects. The culmination of his experience combined with exceptional mentoring has helped entrepreneurs achieve lasting results.  Hang on to your “heads" Snappy Nation, you’re in for a fantastic episode.





  • Previously on Make It Snappy [1:20]
  • Gearing up RA 3.0 [4:00]
  • Welcome Dan! [7:00]
  • The Near-Death Experience [9:00]
  • How the accident shaped Dan's mindset [11:00]
  • Dan in his 20's [13:48]
  • The Class Clown [16:00]
  • Mental Currency [19:15]
  • Doubling mental currency [22:20]
  • What do you say to mindset skeptics? [25:30]
  • How do you move from rich mindset to productive mindset? [27:19]
  • Accountability group and the victim group [28:42]
  • The Challenge [30:00]
  • Where to find Dan [35:00]
  • Lessons learned [36:37]
  • Next on Make It Snappy [41:15]



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