125 - The Big Comeback - Make it Snappy is Here to Stay!

There’s no better way to celebrate two years of Making it Snappy…


Than to re-lauch the show! it’s been six-months since we’ve been on hiatus and TWO YEARS since we first launched at midnight on Christmas Day of 2015. It’s been a really interesting year and I’m super-excited to kick off the podcast and keep it going for good! 

Out team has been in reflection mode: we’ve taking time to think about how to make this podcast great, how to keep it sustainable, and give you what you want to listen to.  Even more, we’re not giving you an AMAZING co-host to drop some knowledge on you: 

Brittany Joiner of Project 1440.


Previously on the podcast we released our “going on hiatus” Episode #122, where many of you didn’t believe we’d be back.  It’s okay, you can admit it…you never thought you’d hear my voice again, right?

So here’s what I’ve been doing over the last six months:


My ONE Thing


I took the time off to focus on my ONE thing, which was SNAPPIER. I felt really scattered this summer, like I didn’t know how best to spend my time, and I had a bunch of things to figure out, both internally and externally. 

What I figured out is that my strengths are in helping people finish what they start. My brand is shifting from the productivity space into more of an accountability platform. You’ll see evidence of this in my Facebook group as well: Productive on Purpose: Accountability Dojo for Business Owners & Finishers.


The podcast will have a lot more focus on automation, delegation and all the cool tools available to help you be more productive. There will be a deep dive into things like Zapier, and agile methodology: practical application of all the theoretical concepts you hear on a day-to-day basis.

It’s evident by the numbers…ya’ll love the tools!  We decided to shift the focus from entrepreneurs and side hustlers to helping Corporate leaders make incremental improvements.  This isn’t to say what we cover doesn’t apply to small business owners, but it won’t be the focus.

In hindsight, I’m really grateful I was able to take this time off. It really did allow me to refresh and re calibrate everything I have going on.  I thought and adjusted the podcast to better meet your needs; the things you said you wanted, the feedback I kept hearing over and over again and I brought in a fantastic co-host in Brittany Joiner to fill the the gaps where I fall short. 

New Podcast, New Co-host

Brittany Joiner was on Make it Snappy back on Episode 91, where she explained her views on making every second count. Brittany has been a very active supporter of the show and I always enjoyed our interaction. 

I like her as a co-host because she’s passionate about productivity and she geeks out over tools. I’ve bee impressed by her work ethic and the way she practically applies productivity theory to every day life. 


She’s currently a Marketing Analyst for Causely, and when she’s not working on or studying productivity she’s into Crossfit and watching Parks & Recreation (she’s a real-life Lesley Nope). 

With her platform, Project 1440.com, she really walks the talk. She was in our test group for Snappier and the way she executes a plan she’s committed to is the better than I’ve seen from anyone. I’m ecstatic to welcome Brittany to the Make it Snappy Productivity Show (with Nick Snapp and Brittany Joiner 😃 )



  • Relaunch starts! [2:30]
  • Scattered and confused (where is the podcast going?) [3:30]
  • The focus shift! [4:40]
  • What has Nick been up to for the last 120 days [5:34] 
  • The Brand, The Message [7:00]
  • Really learning how to focus on the one thing [8:15]
  • Strengthened foundation at home [9:15]
  • Brittany’s background [10:00]
  • Introducing the new co-host! [11:40]
  • Walking the talk (the ying to the yang!) [13:45]
  • From consumer to a co-host [15:43]
  • What motivated Brittany to be part of the show? [17:10]
  • What being intentional means [18:50]
  • The Agile Methodoloy [20:30]
  • Cheaper By The Dozen story [22:22]
  • Understanding productivity [23:30]


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