127 - What the Heck is Agile & Why Do I Care? (Part 1 of 3)

Ever get frustrated developing something that turns out a little too...meh?


Have you ever hear of AGILE?

It's a way to SUPER-CHARGE your productivity when starting a new project! This episode is the start of our 3-part series on Agile Methodologies. We’re talking about incremental improvements on the show and we’re providing a quick crash on a way of thinking that can help you to do better work, and do it faster.

Agile is a methodology based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. It’s time-based with short cycles (last from 1-2 weeks), it’s project-focused, and it’s entirely based on feedback. You start small, put something out there, get feedback, and then make improvements from there. That’s the agile way!

We also dive into what agile ISN’T: it’s not hiding in a conference room or behind your computer and building something out to completion with all the bells and whistles without showing anyone, and then suddenly releasing only to find it’s not what anyone actually wanted.

Why is agile better than the alternatives? If you’re not getting feedback and iterating, there’s a good change you’ll waste a lot of time and energy by building the wrong thing. It’s also really hard to make changes when you’ve fully developed something before showing someone. The agile process makes sure you’re being efficient with your time and energy, while also being effective to build something that people will actually use.



  • Show Starts [00:43]
  • Different perspective, full view [3:05]
  • What is agile methodology? [4:50]
  • What is the focus of agile methodology? [6:19]
  • Is agile always about a project? [8:00]
  • The one thing and agile [10:00]
  • Sprint durations (timeframes) [12:30]
  • Backlogs and prioritizing (struggles) [15:00]
  • Tools (progress tracking) [16:56]
  • Brittany's product owner experience [19:50]
  • The scrum master [21:16]
  • Roles, rules [22:30]
  • Adding ideas (the parking lot) [25:00]
  • What agile is not [26:50]
  • Agile vs lean methodology [29:00]
  • Agile is not a waterflow method [30:30]
  • What do I do with agile (the challenge) [32:46]



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