129 - Unpacking the Benefits of Agile Thinking (Part 2 of 3)

How can agile help your team be more efficient AND effective?

The biggest benefit is ensuring that you’re building the right thing and not wasting time or energy, but there are many other benefits that come along with that. You’ll find customers and employees to be more excited because they’ve got buy in. Your management will appreciate the status updates and knowing exactly where the project is at and the direction it’s trending.

We also shift over to some agile story time. You heard that right - it’s story time on the podcast! We dive a little deeper into personal experiences with agile and how we’ve used it to grow our teams and our personal projects.

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  • Show starts [01:21]
  • Challenge check-in [1:50]
  • The quick massive "poll" [2:52]
  • Practical application [4:49]
  • Agile key-benefits [5:50]
  • Project 1440 and it's connection with Agile [7:00]
  • Management appreciates quick iterations [8:45]
  • Stories and cases [11:20]
  • Agile MPV [14:00]
  • The fibonacci sequence [15:30]
  • Perfectionism tendencies [17:00]
  • Intimidated by agile [19:00] 
  • The Challenge [21:30]


The Agile Challenge

Think about one thing in your life that you can start implementing agile in your life. And think about what would be the benefits if you were to implement. Post in POP and use #AgileDojo



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