13 - The Heart & Mind of High Performance (with Connor Cranston)

What does it take to bring your game to the next level?

High-performance coach Connor Cranston knows how to think great, but act greater.  He takes pride in helping people take their game to the NEXT level and transform their lives, and it starts with the mind.      

“If you want to make a lasting impression it has to come from you” -Connor Cranston

As an eight-year-old child in Vietnam, Connor had almost nothing to call his own. 

His grandmother wanted so intensely for him to have a prosperous life, she put him up for adoption.  to give him a better chance at being adopted, she told agencies he was two years younger than he was. 

Consequently, Connor was given an opportunity to start over in the United States, with a new family and life experience.   

He now has two “official” ages, and further, claims to have eliminated virtually EVERY DISTRACTION in the world, including negativity. 

No TV, and no negative people or influences.

"You either have to be positive with me, or don't talk at all" -Connor Cranston

Connor leveraged his experience in the United States Marine Corp to create a life system of efficiency and ultra-productivity. 

In fact, he was prepared and waiting my call 30-minutes in advance of our scheduled time, because in the Marines, if you’re not early you’re late!

Connor’s a really impressive guy with a fantastic heart and a compelling story.  I gained tremendous insight from my time with Connor, and I know you will as well.


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Show Notes

  • Connor on virtually eliminating all distractions in his life [5:07]
  • Investing in yourself [7:30]
  • How do you know whether you’re making a good investment? [10:29]
  • Why Connor doesn’t do business cards [13:10]
  • I have two ages [15:01]
  • How the Marine Core shaped Connor [17:39]
  • Tae Kwon Doe, discipline and daily rituals [21:11]
  • Three questions to ask yourself every morning [23:50]
  • What are the practical mechanics of getting yourself to feel grateful? [25:15]
  • The cutest ad ever podcasted! [27:45]
  • Believing in clients and the power of helping people without being paid for it [29:05]
  • Compassion requires concentration and effort [32:00]
  • Kindness for weakness (the balance) [33:20]
  • Listening with your heart [34:07]
  • What does happiness mean to you? [35:41]
  • Tapping into your inner self (success defined) [37:00]
  • What if you had all the money in the world? [37:45]
  • Examples of how Connor challenges clients to perform [38:16]
  • The ideal client [39:16]
  • Coaches of influence [40:40]
  • Are you willing to become more of yourself? [41:52]