130 - A Practical Way to 10X Your Team at Work Using Agile (Part 3 of 3)

The exciting conclusion to our 3-part crash course series on this thing called Agile.

Brittany and Nick take all the jargon and principles discussed in the last episode and turn it into real life. We talk about how to actually use agile at work.

We get really down to earth with practical stories and advice for how to implement agile and get buy-in from your team, then we dive into some more advanced strategies for using agile to maximize your team’s performance. Of course, we talk about why you don’t want to introduce too much at once - that’s not the agile way! Then we end the episode with a challenge for you to start on right away to start seeing improvements in your life, thanks to agile.



  • Last episode's challenge [4:30]
  • Brittany's agile project example [6:15]
  • What did success look like for you with agile? [7:30]
  • The backlog is key [10:00]
  • What exactly do you mean by, "sprint?" [10:52]
  • What was bringing the agile team together like? [14:00]
  • Having "to-do," "doing," and "done" wasn't good enough [17:20]
  • How does prioritization work with the backlog? [21:30]
  • Ad campaign example from agile [26:00]
  • What has been the biggest benefit with team operations [27:45]
  • Don't get caught up in the details [29:45]
  • This week's challenge [30:36]



Talk to someone on your team about whether using the agile process would be useful at your organization


Join the Facebook Group and take the challenge!



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