133 - Taking a Project from Worst to Best (w/Peter Stevens)

Have you ever stepped into a really bad project?

It’s actually possible to turn it all around...to go from the worst project in the company to the best, and you can do it with agile. Nick and Brittany talk to Peter Stevens, Certified Scrum Trainer who has been inspiring companies and individuals to transform themselves to a better way of working. Peter tells about his first encounter with agile - when he didn’t even realize he was doing agile - all the way to what he’s doing today with coaching and writing a book.


His main takeaway from all his years of experience is that “scrum works”. He shares his story of a project that was totally transformed from the worst project in the company to the best, just by implementing scrum and getting things done. He’s now focused on personal agility, which connects what you do with who you are.

show notes

  • Welcome Peter Stevens [2:04]
  • Peter's story about a "new way of doing things" [3:40]
  • The "mind-blowing" moment in agile [7:20]
  • How Peter discovered the Daily Scrum [9:55]
  • From the worst project to the best project [13:15]
  • The team's buy-in [14:27]
  • Peter's biggest takeaway from managing a tough project [17:15]
  • Making the transition to a "one-man show" [18:47]
  • "Don't manage the hours, manage the minutes." [21:06]
  • How do you determine if something is valuable? [23:30]
  • People who burn out have this in common [27:30]
  • How Peter got his wife to try using agile for personal stuff [30:15]
  • Peter's simple CHALLENGE for Snappy Nation [32:38]
  • How to find Peter online and his free offer [34:18]


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