137 - A First-Time Virtual Summit Experience (w/Sharlene Sobrepeña)

How To Stay Guided by Your Values While Starting a New Project 

Keeping your values present while increasing productivity isn’t easy. Tune in to see how Sharlene Sobrepeña keep what’s important close while dominating the digital space.


Having your guiding core principles in an easy to reach place could do a lot for us as we try to navigate life's path. 

Sounds like we all need to take a page out of Sharlene’s book.

Sharlene Sobrepeña joins The Make It Snappy Productivity Show to share how she’s able to stay grounded to her values at all times while achieving maximum efficiency in her daily life. Sharlene has hosted an online summit along while creating a value-based journal that’s meant to give the clarity and direction you need in your daily life.


  • Sharlene’s Introduction To Productivity [3:55]
  • Vancouver Lifestyle [6:15]
  • Introduction to the Rudder Planner - Value based journaling [7:30]
  • Self Actualization at age 10 [9:00]
  • The Journey vs The Outcome [12:20]
  • Rudder Planner Deep Dive [14:30]
  • Taking Action from the Rudder Planner [19:20]
  • Planner or Journal [24:00]
  • Virtual Summit - How I Did It [28:00]
  • Major Takeaways from the Real Success Summit [31:00]
  • Another Summit? [34:00]
  • Tools Needed for a Successful Summit [35:30]
  • The Future of Snappy Nation: Welcome Sharlene [37:30]


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