138 - How to Start a Side Hustle the RIGHT way (w/Tracey Minutolo)

What does it REALLY take to start a hustle on the side?

Should you even try?

Tracey Minutolo, side hustler expert gives us the inside scoop. We talk about how she got started into side hustling and why she decided to start helping others do the same. She gives advice to her former self - what she wishes she knew when she started side hustling - and tells us about her iterative feedback process with Snappier. (Spoiler - Tracey’s been doing agile and she didn’t even know it!)


Tracey also tells us about how she uses time buckets with six categories - you’ll have to listen to the episode to learn what they are and how to use them for yourself! She leaves us with an amazing challenge to track our time. Are you up for it?  Would you be interested in learning more about Tracey's Side Hustle program?  The one she tested and validated through Snappier? 

We're so excited about this one (because it's near and dear to us)...so make sure you check it out and mention that you heard it here on Make it Snappy. To learn more, go to TraceyMinutolo.com/makeitsnappy or click the image to the right:

show notes

  • Welcome Tracey [2:46]
  • Why did you start to help other side hustlers? [3:45]
  • The benefit of actually responding to email questions [5:30]
  • Relating to other side hustlers [8:52]
  • Follow the curiosity [10:31]
  • The moment when Tracey decided to start a business [11:20]
  • Knowing what she knows now, what would Tracey say to her former self? [13:10]
  • Entrepreneurship is not easy, what's the greater purpose? [15:00]
  • Implementing the "time bucket" system [17:23]
  • Customer outreach is so important - don't run from it!!! [23:30]
  • Where Tracey started and where she's out now [27:40]
  • Tracey's new program and how to find her online [28:59]
  • Tracey's Challenge to Snappy Nation [32:35]



Join the Facebook Group and take the challenge!

We all know that if you don’t measure something it’s impossible to manage it. This challenge is for you, if you feel like you may not be making the best use of your side hustle time:

Either get a sheet of paper or use a spreadsheet, and every time you work on your side hustle this week, write down what it is you’re doing and how long it takes you.