139 - Deep Dives with Sharlene and Snappy Dee Episode 1

Deep Dives Intro with Sharleene and Snappy Dee

The Deep Dives Crew

The Deep Dives Crew

Join us as The Make It Snappy Productivity Show expands to its new segment, Deep Dives with Sharlene and Snappy Dee. This is a short episode where we officially introduce our new hosts and give a sneak peek into what you can expect from the new team going forward. Deep Dives aims to be an interactive segment that Dives Deeper into how to be productive with thought-provoking insights and takeaways from its co-hosts.

The Deep Dives Crew serves to supplement The Make It Snappy Productivity Show by providing content in the alternate weeks that engage our listeners to take real action and get done the things they want to get done.  The Deep Dives crew spends the month of May focusing on side hustles and what the currently popular trends are.

Show Notes

  • Welcome Sharlene and Snappy Dee [1:30]
  • Squadcast Shout Out [1:45]
  • Sharlene's Motivation [3:00]
  • Snappy Dee's Motivation [3:35]
  • What to expect on Deep Dives [4:30]
  • Long-Term Goals [8:15]
  • Taking Action [11:40]
  • Closing Remarks [12:45]