14 - The Time Management Chef Gets Cooking (with Tor Refsland)

Can you smell what the Time Management Chef is cooking? (all the way from Norway)...

Tor Refsland is the Time Management Chef who's always been very dedicated to personal development and has a burning passion to work with people who are starting or growing their businesses.  He specializes in helping people avoid getting caught up in black hole of procrastination.

Tor resides in Norway, and when he was 18, he asked his dad if he could share with him some of his struggles in life, so he didn't have to go through the same mistakes as he did. He just looked at Tor, started chuckling and patted him on the back, saying: “No, son, this you have to find out for yourself.”

He’s the founder of the Time Management Chef website and he’s been featured on 85 different blogs in only his FIRST YEAR of blogging.  He also has a crazy number of followers and subscribers who tune in regularly, to his super-awesome time-management content.

"When you work smarter, not harder, you will actually  achieve more by doing less ."     -Tor Refsland

"When you work smarter, not harder, you will actually achieve more by doing less." -Tor Refsland

He’s also earned a black belt in Taekwondo in HALF the time it takes the average HUMAN BEING by training only TWO days a week…whoa!!

Tor believes that smart people (yes, that includes you) who want to become more successful need to be able to take control of their own time and schedule.

In Tor's own words, timemanagementchef.com is a thriving community of entrepreneurs who want to become more successful, more productive, less stressful, happier and more profitable.

It was a pleasure talking to this amazing guy! Congratulations to Tor and Sarah on recently having a baby boy, who’s now 7 months old.



  • Interview starts [2:10]
  • Why the culinary arts (time management chef)? [2:59]
  • Are you actually a chef? [4:06]
  • How to Get More Time in Your Life(182.5 Hours per year) [5:52]
  • How Tor applies the 3 step principles that only take 7 mins. or less [6:18]
  • How Tor's planning process look like on a day to day basis [8:27]
  • Balancing a to do list and calendar [10:36]
  • The "magical closet" [11:47]
  • The importance of working on the most important tasks first [13:22]
  • How do you determine what's the most important? [16:24]
  • How "doing things in a very simple way" helps a business [19:53]
  • Getting the cash you need to survive and to provide for the family is the  main GOAL [21:46]
  • Re-evaluating how you are doing things [25:20]
  • Controlling the environment to "FOCUS" [26:00]
  • How phone muting helped Tor [27:40]
  • Why did you leave your job and become a full time blogger? [28:37]
  • What Tor did after he left his job [30:42]
  • What was the single most impactful thing you did when you were working full time to save that 200% [32:27]
  • Meeting and teaching people on how to treat you and respect your time [34:28]
  • What was Tor's experience in turkey and how it changed his life [35:46]
  • How parasailing in Turkey has made Tor's whole life flashed in front of him [37:35]
  • Trainings that Tor did to earn a black belt in taekwondo half the time it takes the average human being [38:50]
  • The Master to do list Template and how to get it [41:30]
  • How to find Tor[43:40]