140 - The Case for Doing Things Differently (w/Josh Haynam)

You’re thinking about giving it all up...this is it. What will you do?

Josh Haynam, founder of the hugely successful tech company Interact, tells us all about how his small, struggling tech startup changed everything through simple routines. By making changes in his processes and how he and his team approached work, they finally busted through and started seeing results. Now his company Interact, a tool that lets you create quizzes to grow your email list, drive sales, and increase your social media presence is a massive success with over 50,000 customers! 


Nick and Brittany discuss what it’s like to be in those hard moments and how to get back on track. Josh has seen the ups and downs and learned how to stay focused on processes that enhance creativity, rather than limit it!  Josh also tells us a little more about how he’s used agile at Interact! You won’t want to miss this episode!

Connect with Josh on Twitter @JHaynam and or LinkedIn, and be sure to try Interact, at TryInteract.com.

Quick S/O and screenshot of Nick's new favorite podcasting platform,  Squadcast .

Quick S/O and screenshot of Nick's new favorite podcasting platform, Squadcast.

Show Notes

  • Brittany claps for real [2:43]
  • Welcome Josh [3:07]
  • How Josh got started [3:35]
  • Testing and validating Interact [4:25]
  • Times of overwhelm and stress [5:56]
  • What kept Josh going through the down times [8:00]
  • The ONE thing Josh did to make the big change [9:35]
  • That moment when it was REALLY bad [12:24]
  • And then nothing happened [15:56]
  • Josh's recommendation for keeping on track [20:00]
  • A process for influencer marketing [22:07]
  • Agile and managing projects for Josh [24:50]
  • If Josh could go back and do it again [28:30]
  • How to find Josh online [31:36]
  • Josh's challenge for Snappy Nation



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