141 - What's a Time Bucket? (Deep Dives with Sharlene and Snappy Dee Episode 2)

Have you ever thought about putting your time in buckets?


Welcome to the second episode of Deep Dives with Sharlene and Snappy Dee where this week they examine one of the best takeaways from Tracey Minutolo’s episode on How To Start A Side Hustle the Right Way. Tracey shows us how to effectively manage our time plan out projects and categorize tasks necessary for building a successful side hustle.

In this episode Sharlene and Snappy Dee take a close look at each of these specialized time buckets and offers resources to get the most out of your time.

The Deep Dives Crew

The Deep Dives Crew

When it comes to getting tasks done to keep you growing side hustle on track, it can be overwhelming. Knowing where to spend your time and what deserves your attention requires a good system. As budding side hustlers, Sharlene and Snappy Dee examine each time bucket touching on the topics of planning, administrative, client duties, marketing, outreach and personal development along with some bonus buckets to glue everything together.

Sharlene and Snappy Dee discuss some of their favorite tools that have helped make them successful along the way. Check the show notes for some valuable resources.

Show Notes

  • Intro and Purpose [2:20]
  • Today's Topic [3:20]
  • Breakdown of the Six Time Buckets  [4:30]
  • How to Plan to Ultimately Take Action [6:30]
  • Tools for Planning [9:40]
  • Administrative Bucket and tools [12:10]
  • What is Time Blocking? [14:20]
  • Clients Bucket [18:55]
  • Marketing Bucket [21:35]
  • Marketing Automation [22:30]
  • Unconventional Marketing [25:30]
  • Outreach Bucket [26:15]
  • Learning and Development Bucket [28:50]
  • Time Allocation to Buckets [29:30]
  • Bonus Social Bucket [34:45]
  • Bonus Health Bucket [36:35]
  • Further Side Hustle Resources [40:15]

This Week's Deep Dive

We want to give a big shout out to Julian Placino who created the voice opening for this episode of Deep Dives with Sharlene and Snappy Dee. Julian is a great resource who's dedicated his life to understanding how successful people become successful. You can check out some more of Julian's work and mission by visiting his site here.

Our very own Nick Snapp was interviewed by Julian on his show Pathways to Success. You can take a listen to that episode by clicking here

This whole episode would not have been possible without Tracey Minutolo and the knowledge she so graciously shared with us as a guest on The Make It Snappy Productivity Show. You can listen to her episode, How to Start A Side Hustle The Right Way, by clicking here.

To learn more about Tracy and how she shows side hustlers how to build a business that works, join her Facebook group, The Side Hustle Success Lab, and visit her website by clicking here.

When it comes to your planning bucket, Sharlene references the Rudder Planner, a specially designed planner that Sharlene has created to help you navigate your life with more purpose. To learn more about The Rudder Planner and how it can help you, click here to learn more. 

Other tools mentioned on this show to help side hustlers achieve even more when it comes to their planning were Evernote and Active Collab. Evernote, specifically for its web-clip tool and Active Collab for its ability to collaborate with staff and clients while tracking time spent on projects. 

As mentioned on the show, the term "multi-tasking" was originally coined in a 1965 paper published by IBM describing the capabilities of mainframe computers in the IBM System/360 family to execute multiple tasks at the same time. Eventually, the term was adopted to human productivity but has been a misnomer since. To understand why multi-tasking may not be good for your productivity check out one of the articles from The Independent, CBS or Forbes 

Following up on the theory that multi-tasking may not be as great for your productivity as one suggested, The book, The One Thing by Gary Keller, really brings this point home. Sharlene mentions how much of an influence this book has been to her personal success. 

We didn't spend too much time on it, but briefly, we touched on automation and what that can do for you as a newbie side hustler. If you're scheduling appointments, save the hassle of back and forth emails by using Calendly or Acuity to put clients onto your schedule or even into your CRM!

Automation doesn't stop with scheduling people but you can also schedule your posts. Check out the tool Amplify by Hootsuite and see how it can extend your social media reach. 

We can't talk about automation and CRMs without mentioning one of our most frequently used tools, Active Campaign. Active Campaign is an all in one source for email marketing, marketing automation and CRM for small businesses. This tool plays well with others and is simple enough that any side hustler could use it. 

For an up and coming side hustler, there's always more than one option for your CRM needs. Sharlene has found success with ConvertKit for some of her projects. Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think!

During the show, Snappy Dee gives a very off the cuff example of unconventional marketing using a mobile dog groomer as his side hustler example. If you're considering starting a mobile dog grooming business, there're a few things to keep in mind. Check out our friends over at The Balance Career who wrote an awesome piece on starting your own mobile dog grooming salon.

If you're looking for more examples of successful side hustle stories and tactics, check out the Side Hustle Success School.