143 - Five Takeaways for Staying Motivated

Tangible Tips for Never Losing Motivation

Sharlene and Snappy Dee take a deeper dive into Josh Haynam’s story of how he used the power of motivation and routines to grow the bootstrapped company he started in college, Interact into a bustling company of 8 employees and 50,000 customers.  

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Josh Haynam joined the Make it Snappy Productivity Show as a guest for episode 140, The Case for Doing Things Differently, where he decoded the blueprint behind the success of his company, Interact and how after repeated shortcomings, he was able to stay motivated and implement routines to grow his company and build his brand.

Motivation is defined as "the general desire or willingness of someone to do something." Having the desire to do something is half the battle while physically getting it done is the real challenge. We examine five tactics that everyone can use to find the motivation they need to get ahead in business and their personal lives. Nobody feels motivated every moment of every single day, but being able to channel motivation when you need it most can be the difference between where you are and where you want to be. 

In this episode Sharlene and Snappy Dee go over five sure fire ways to bring back the motivation you need to overcome your hurdles and reach your goals. Some of them seem obvious, and others not so much. Take a listen to find out if any of these tips can work for you!

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Show notes

  • Interact the Payment method or… [1:40]
  • Trust the process [2:20]
  • Routines and their benefit [3:00]
  • One thing at a time with routines [7:05]
  • Understanding your why [8:30]
  • Surrounding Yourself with the right people [11:30]
  • Riding out the hard times [13:50]
  • Learning from the success of other [16:15]

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