144 - Why Rebrand the Podcast? (w/Nick Snapp)

Wait...no more productivity? I don't get it.

That's what they say...but hear me out! Rebranding Make it Snappy Productivity Show has been something our team's been working on since Brittany initially let us know she was leaving the show. We had to re-group, take a step back and really think about the purpose of the podcast, how we can serve you as listeners and honestly, whether it made sense to continue podcasting…

Show Notes

  • In case you haven't heard...it's true [1:20]
  • Thank you Snappy Nation, here's my "why" [1:50]
  • Everything we do in business should fit together [3:25]
  • Introducing the All New Make it Snappy Experiment [6:00]
  • Why you'll love the new podcast [6:25]
  • Who the new podcast is for, and what I've learned [8:53]
  • Why you need to test, iterate and validate [10:20]
  • New music, new hits, new outro [15:00]

The Back Story

It was an absolutely necessary change for both myself, and the entire Make it Snappy team.

Here's why:



Everything Needs to Fit Together

Everything we do in business should fit together somehow, especially with an online business (if it’s the same business that is). Taking you back 3 years ago when I started out, I’ve always to this day, worked as an Independent Contractor. As an engineer, the work I do is typically related to Project Management for technical consulting firms. And Project Management is very closely related to productivity. So when I first went into business for myself I wanted to start on online component to what I was doing, and I focused primarily on productivity, be it, education and productivity coaching - many of you may remember the early days where I would coach clients and potential clients on air with this podcast!

My goal was to provide a super-interesting content, to gain credibility in the productivity space and it was a creative way to create new clients…

And it worked (sort of)...

I realized that I didn’t want to be a productivity coach; I didn’t really want to be a coach at all anymore. It was sexy for a while, but I just couldn’t see myself doing the coaching thing long-term and I didn’t have a good vision of where I wanted to take it.

So, like most businesses, this one has evolved. We’ve grown into a more specific niche - which is helping course and online product creators. More specifically, consultants, trainers and independent contractors like (like myself), who already have a business, but want to add an online revenue stream.

I have a TON of experience with this niche...so why wouldn’t I leverage it?

A New Community: The Make it Snappy Experiment


Here’s what this new community, the Make it Snappy Experiment, is all about:

Most of our listeners and group members will be consultants, trainers, and independent contractors who need to test their online business idea, their marketing strategies and/or their methods for scaling their course or online product.

In this podcast we want to talk about NOT ONLY all these cool, shiny, specific strategies that we can TRY, because all kinds of strategies DO work for certain types of niches and personalities, but we want to know what specific TYPES of niches and businesses that each strategy will work best for.

It’ll be sort of like a laboratory for testing, validating and iterating, and since it’s for online business, they’ll be a BIG FOCUS on online courses.

So to summarize, we’ll be talking with great guests who have experience:

  • testing specific online ideas, marketing strategies and methods for scaling online
  • developing habits that drive results: like how to check analytics and making changes based on REAL data
  • debunking shiny online toys and
  • overall reducing online waste

If we’re going to try a new strategy or learn a new skill, we want to do it QUICKLY, and not waste time…so we can start making MONEY, like in a snap!

Snappy Habits.png

Oh and - we’ll still be challenging listeners each week. Our challenges will be to test out an online business strategy or to implement a new habit and the coolest thing, you’ll have a way to track these challenges and habits within the Snappier platform and in the new Facebook group...

It’ll be called “Snappy Habits” and I’ll tell you more about this program very soon - until then.

Work Snappier,

-Nick Snapp