145 - Diving in a New Direction

Productivity Isn't Important? Not so Fast...

Let's not jump the gun here. Productivity will always be important but perhaps there's an even better focus for our brand and community? Our founder, Nick Snapp comes from a background in engineering and professional project management so the concept of time and productivity was a natural fit for an online component. As time went on, the needs of our community began to change so we changed along with it...

Show Notes

  • Nick Snapp intro [0:30]
  • Transition notice [1:30]
  • New direction revealed [2:30]
  • Snappy Dee’s view on productivity [3:20]
  • Sharlene’s thoughts on the new direction [4:00]
  • Bruce Wayne [5:15]
  • Snappy Dee’s first online test (yoga pants sale) [5:45]
  • What went wrong and how to fix it [7:00]
  • Sharlene’s online experience (summit) [9:45]
  • Changes to Sharlene’s method [13:00]
  • New music and outro [16:00]

About Face

There comes a time where you step back and evaluate if you're getting the best return on your time. As a team, we decided that instead of solely focusing on productivity we could impact more people with idea validation and market experimentation.

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Then, we could dive deeper and analyze the results for course creators and those distributing online products. Tune in to this episode to hear Sharlene and Snappy Dee's own experiences with online products as well as the new direction for the podcast!

 What the People Needed

All good things must come to an end, right? WRONG! The idea should be all good things must get better. That's exactly what's happening across The Make It Snappy networks. As our audience grew, so did their needs. With the majority of our subscribers belonging to communities where their success depended on their online presence, we thought it would make more sense to focus on providing resources to further help them along their journey. This isn't to say that productivity is not helpful to master, but productivity comes down to either doing things or not doing things. If you're running a profitable business, you're clearly getting things done. 

Most of Make It Snappy's interactions tend to be with consultants, trainers, freelancers and independent contractors. These niches need to test their online business idea, their marketing strategies and/or their methods for scaling their course or online product.

We've decided to focus our efforts on helping these communities grow through research and testing AKA experimenting, with different marketing and scaling strategies for online business and course creation. 

You can think of us as the Deep Dives Laboratory

Each week, Deep Dives with Sharlene and Snappy Dee will explore ways to help those who already have a business add or increase an online revenue stream. We'll examine which strategies work for which types of niches since every industry is different. Specifically, we'll enter FaceBook groups to poll users on which strategies helped them grow and even interview those whose methods are compelling enough. 

Deep Dives wants to help you eliminate online waste so you can start making money in a snap!

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