146 - What the Gurus Don’t Tell You (w/Brook Borup)

The gurus like to tell you what you want to hear...but will it work?

With so much education available online these days, all the gurus telling you how to make it online, there are some things you should know to avoid getting taken advantage of.

With nearly 200 clients and a growing team of virtual powerhouse assistants, today's guest Brook Borup of My Clone Solution is an expert in the virtual space. We dive into how to avoid common pitfalls if you’re an independent consultant/contractor, trainer or freelancer. We also talk about some amazing tools, Brook is always on the cutting edge of what’s out there to make things easier for you online and she goes through some great tools for you to be more effective online.


I really had a great time on this interview and if you listen until the end, you'll catch another super-snappy announcement about where we're taking the podcast next!

Show Notes

  • What is Course in a Quarter? [0:52]
  • Welcome Brook Borup [5:06]
  • What drew Brook to the virtual world [6:50]
  • Brook's perspective on getting things done [8:30]
  • On scaling your team [10:15]
  • Too much education [13:00]
  • What the online world is missing right now [16:45]
  • What are you doing and how can you automate? [19:30]
  • Everything needs to go together [22:00]
  • What type of person should build a course? [24:45]
  • Spend your money on the "getting it done" [27:30]
  • Online tools & LMS comparisons (advantages/disadvantages) [28:30]
  • What Brook would tell her former self [36:06]
  • If you're thinking about giving away your skills for free...[38:48]
  • Why goals are "old-school" & Snappy Habits! [40:04]
  • Finish it now...don't come back to it later [45:00]
  • How to track your new habits [46:02]
  • Another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! [49:21]
  • Next on The Make it Snappy Experiment [55:40]