148 - Why Analog is Better than Digital for Course Creators

7-Figures in 7-Weeks...do you REALLY believe that?

I'm so tired of the guru-marketing hype. Can you make 7-figures? Absolutely! Can you do it in 7-weeks? Ummm...let's check ourselves for a few moments before I answer that question.

There are a lot of sleazy people out there trying to sell you the idea of creating a 7-figure passive income stream with ease. The reality is, this take A LOT of work...totally possible, many have done it, but you need to be on your A-Game and there’s a lot that goes into it.

It all starts with testing and validating your online course or product idea. Validating doesn’t mean getting people to say “yes,” they’ll buy, it means getting people to pull out their wallets and purchase your idea. It’s totally doable, and I’ll walk you through the process that I’ve developed and continue to refine to achieve results.


It’s all about testing here on The Make it Snappy Experiment and I’m honored to have been interviewed by my new co-host Brook Borup. Let’s have some fun today and if you listen all the way through....we’ve got an amazing challenge for you that will totally skyrocket your productivity at work!

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Show Notes

  • Why would you put something out there that may not sell? [4:20]
  • Flaws in “you can make 7-figures in 7-weeks” guru-marketing [5:00]
  • Saturated markets and Unique Selling Proposition [9:10]
  • The “Digital Method” at a high-level [11:45]
  • The “Analog Method” - where the money actually comes from [13:50]
  • Have 3 very strategic conversations [14:50]
  • Are you trying to close the first sale during the first conversations? [16:00]
  • The “problem conversation” & your initial hypothesis…”I believe X” [16:50]
  • What questions do you get asked over and over again? [17:45]
  • Having a “solution conversation” - do you think this will solve your problem? [21:00]
  • What is your “MVV” - Minimum Viable Vision? [24:10]
  • Being part of the process: I love being the “early adopter” [27:10]
  • The people who have had the MOST success do this…[28:00]
  • If you can find people to talk to you about your idea [33:00]
  • Dispelling the myths...why people don’t validate [34:25]
  • On stealing ideas and differentiating yourself [36:00]
  • Today’s “Snappy Habit” [39:45]

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