15 - The Home Productivity Queen Makes Her Comeback (with Nazach Snapp)

My home-productivity queen makes her triumphant comeback...

The one, the only, my wife and partner-in-crime, Nazach Snapp!

This week was Mommy’s big comeback, her second appearance on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show! Our conversation was about Purpose. Do you know what it means to have purpose? How about vision?

Nazach Snapp is back by popular demand, after making her debut on Episode #1, we’ve decided to give her a regular spot, every month on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show to setup each month’s topic!

"I'm being productive because I'm doing something that is mapping back to my PURPOSE" - Nazach Snapp

This month, it’s all about PURPOSE.

We feel strongly that if purpose isn’t driving our reason for being productive, then well, there’s really no reason to be productive!

Do we have a vision for why we're doing all the things we do?

Do we have a purpose for why we're getting things done, or are we blindly checking things off our never-ending to-do list?

We’re going to take that deep dive into great topics like family mission statements, personal vision, and my personal favorite:

What kinds of things do we do, that make us forget to eat and poop?

It was really good to have my beautiful wife, and her 8 month-pregnant self back in the studio. She was last on the show for Episode ONE and WOW!  

That was 14 episodes ago!

I’m so PROUD of my oldest son, Carter, for doing such a great job on the intro, and Ethan too...for kicking butt on our little mid-show ad...my family’s the BEST!

     "My 8-year-old self would cry if my home was disorganized"    -Nazach Snapp

   "My 8-year-old self would cry if my home was disorganized"  -Nazach Snapp

Baby #3 will be here in 8 WEEKS!

What are we gonna do?

We’ll get productive with PURPOSE, that's what!  No, we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet, we decided to wait this time.  It's the ONLY time we’ve waited and it’s actually kinda cool not knowing.

We’ve been calling him or her BABY JITTERBUG...that was actually a name Ethan came up with, after listening to George Michael of Wham, not that we play that stuff around our house or anything (yikes).


Ask us a question about purpose!

Record your question and we’ll broadcast it on our show the last week of the month! Just go to http://makeitsnappyshow.com/question or just do it right here below...(it only takes 30 seconds, seriously and we don't collect any personal info):

It’s going to be a fabulous month, a purpose-driven experience. 


  • Interview Starts [4:25]
  • Why are you here? [5:30]
  • Purpose as a strong foundation [6:36]
  • No time to think about purpose? [7:57]
  • Why do we need to think about purpose? [9:17]
  • How a family should align with the Purpose [11:17]
  • What's more important, the purpose for our career or family? [12:03]
  • The Corporate, Family and Personal Mission Statements  [13:18]
  • Your purpose should drive all activities "to do list" [14:51]
  • Doing something that is mapping back to your purpose [16:57]
  • Everything that we should do in our family should be aligned with whats our purpose and what our family is all about [19:28]
  • What can I do with my time that is important? [24:11]
  • What feels important when you do things in life practically? [25:20]
  • The gift to empower somebody [27:00]
  • What struggles or sacrifices are you willing to tolerate? [27:33]
  • What is true about you today that will make your 8 year old cry? [28:15]
  • What makes you forget to eat and poop? [30:26]
  • Nazach's 8 year old self would cry if home was "disorganized" [31:27]
  • How can you better embarrass yourself [33:10]
  • The family "mission statement" [35:30]
  • What it is you really wanna do and be and the principles you choose to govern your family life? [35:45] 
  • Website questions and tools [40:10]