150 - This is Why We Procrastinate

This is How and Why We Procrastinate.... 

If there's one thing we can all generally agree on, it's that procrastination is not a good thing. We don't know too many people who've gotten ahead and wound up more successful by living a tardy, procrastination filled life


On this week's Deep Dive, Brook Borup of My Clone Solution teams up with Snappy Dee to explore the hypothesis that coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, will be more productive when they realize what they do when they’re procrastinating.

It’s one thing to procrastinate but you might in over your head if you’re not even sure what you’re doing while you’re stalling! This week Brook and Dee poll different Facebook communities to explore what it is we’re doing when we’re procrastinating and what follow up with the experts to get their take on our sluggish habits.


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Some of the reasons as to why we procrastinate might surprise you. This is something that the majority of our population has struggled with and one time or another but the good thing is that by understanding how and why we do what we do, we can correct the behavior and form new patterns!

Be sure to stick around and listen out for our challenge that'll help you identify your time wasters and bump up your efficiency! 

A special thanks to all of the participants who helped make this epidode possible with their awesome feedback 

Shelly NajjarRebecca VogtJenn PossickVivek Tiwari,Samir MoubarakEdward PanasApril DuronDrew SmithRhett Hall and Rick Coplin

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Show Notes

  • Nick’s Preview[0:20]

  • Today’s topic [1:30]

  • How Shelly Procrastinates [2:00]

  • Welcome Brook Borup [2:40]

  • This Week’s Hypothesis [3:10]

  • Group Shoutouts [3:45]

  • Rebecca prefers’ Netflix [4:20]

  • Vivek plays with dogs [5:00]

  • Maria likes to read [5:25]

  • Sammy plays on his phone [6:25]

  • Edward will tell us later [6:55]

  • April makes ads [7:35]

  • Drew likes laundry too! [8:40]

  • Jen plays on social media [9:20]

  • Rhett is faithful to YouTube [10:15]

  • Rick Coplin's Wisdom [11:30]

  • Why People Procrastinate according to Psychology Today [13:10]

  • Try This [14:30]

  • The 5 Reasons why we procrastinate according to forbes [16:00]

  • Time Suggests Self Handycapping [18:45]

  • Know yourself [20:45]

  • Challenge for the week [21:05]

  • Next Deep Dives Preview [22:40]

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