152 - Combining Tasks to Save Time...or Nah

Grouping Complementary Tasks To Save Time? 

Someone made a comment about literally walking while talking to increase efficiency in their day. On the surface, it sounded simple, but it got us thinking, what other routine tasks are people mindfully combing to get more out of their day. We were curious so we took a deep dive. When we dove, we found that you guys could really care less. Just click play to see what we mean.

On this week's Deep Dive, Brook Borup of My Clone Solution joins Snappy Dee again to explore the hypothesis that coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, can get more done by combining complementary tasks to save time.

Naturally, we thought everyone would be interested in optimizing their efficiency by combining tasks that they would already do. Turns out, nothing could have been further from the truth.

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For our second episode of the series, we thanked our guests from the first show, explained what we were up to, then asked a question for a second episode.

A long story short, We failed to verify or disprove our hypothesis.

We posted in multiple places and got crickets. Unable to get any sort of response to our questions, we tried shortening it up and re-posting to see what responses we got. Tune in to see the results!

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Show Notes

  • Nick’s Bumper [0:20]

  • Episode preview [1:20]

  • Hey Brook! [2:00]

  • Jeff J Hunters theory for 10,000 steps [2:30]

  • Don’t multitask and Utilize the toilet?[3:30]

  • Brook combines this [4:30]

  • Snappy Dee combines this [6:40]

  • Bigger Pockets Money Show Shout out [7:30]

  • Unpopular Topic ? [8:35]

  • Who’s to Blame? [9:50]

  • How’d we get the second uptick? [11:05]

  • Ashley Grant and The Pomodoro Technique [13:00]

  • The Pomodoro Technique breakdown [15:45]

  • This week’s challenge [16:55]

  • Hit Us Up! [18:55]

Selected Links from the Episode

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