18 - The “Purpose Panel” Productivity Q&A (with Clem Harrod & Brian Horvath)

Our first EVER Productivity Panel is finally here!!!  It’s thanks to YOU, our listeners, for giving us the opportunity to answer your questions about productivity, purpose, or whatever happens to be on your mind as it relates to PRODUCTIVITY.  

The "Purpose Panel" consists of  Brian Horvath ,  Clem Harrod  and  Nick Snapp

The "Purpose Panel" consists of Brian Horvath, Clem Harrod and Nick Snapp

Our Productivity Panel, a.k.a., “The Purpose Panel,” answers your written and recorded questions on this week's episode for all to hear, and they were GREAT questions.  If you don’t hear yours this week, we promise to get to yours on future panels for future shows.

This week, I’m joined with our panel of three, my partner-in-crime, Mr. “Let it Flow,” himself, father, husband, philosopher, sports videographer, Episode #5’s keynote, Clem Harrod. 

We also have a NEW voice on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, purpose- and finance-expert, and Brian Horvath.

I was so impressed by the wisdom exuded from these two gentlemen of the Purpose Panel, especially in the same room; I mean there was like this “Rick James” aura, that seeped into every crevice of the mancave as they spoke...


How to Record Your Own Question

You can easily record your own questions to be played and answered on the show for the NEXT panel: 

Just go to MAKEITSNAPPYSHOW.COM/question and follow the extremely simple instructions.  It’s super-easy and takes only 30 seconds.

Enjoy "The Purpose Panel,” as we answer your questions on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show...


  • Purpose Panel interview starts [3:45]
  • The Curator (panel info) [5:25]
  • What do you do to keep yourself organized with your finances? (question by from Debbie)? [8:16]
  • Monthly budget (written monthly plan) [9:16]
  • Income - outgo = zero [10:00] 
  • Know "How to do it with paper and pencil" (and the mechanics) [12:54] 
  • What financial milestones do you suggest before outsourcing? (question from Dana) [14:27] 
  • Go ahead and take the risk and outsource [16:22] 
  • The "Working Smarter instead of Working Harder" [17:31]
  • How do you and your spouses communicate about running your household? (question from Debbie Pt.2)?  [19:27]
  • How do you communicate about balancing? [20:54]
  • Making things easy by regular communication [22:00]
  • Putting it on the "calendar" [22:44]
  • Starting off "POSITIVE" [23:30]
  • You got to start somewhere with an "IDEA" [25:53]
  • Scheduling a set "DATE" [26:57]
  • Purpose is a "goal" [30:00]
  • How do you convince people to say "NO"? (question from Griffin)[31:00]
  • The significance of saying "no" and saying it the right way [32:46]
  • The discipline of valuing your time [33:16]
  • Establishing and understanding your purpose [34:25]
  • My time is most valuable with my family [36:10]
  • The three "enemies" [38:01]
  • How do I understand my purpose when I feel lost? (question from anonymous)[39:17]
  • Stay in motion.  Don't sit tight [40:05]
  • The call to do "something" [42:25]
  • We are built for a purpose [43:20]