1 - Why Productivity? Why Purpose? and Why Did I Drag My Wife Along?

Merry Christmas and welcome to the launch of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show!

Nazach (20-weeks pregnant) and Nick recording in our home "studio"

Nazach (20-weeks pregnant) and Nick recording in our home "studio"

"Now I can have time to just be present, which allows for spontaneity." -Nazach Snapp

I guess there's nothing wrong with recording in isolation: sitting behind my microphone and introducing a brand new show, telling people about myself, and then telling a nice little story (to myself), but I just couldn’t do it.  It’s not me!

Maybe it’s because I don’t find myself all that exciting or because I have a complex about being alone; whatever the reason, I’m so glad it's there because my wife, Nazach Snapp is a star behind the microphone!  As much as I don’t like to admit it, she’s solid gold and truth be told she could totally take over the show for me if I wanted her to!

In truth, there’s no one else I’d rather open up my new podcasting career with than my beautiful wife of 13 years.  It was really cool interviewing each other and introducing the show…I could reiterate my bio and why I’m passionate about productivity, but I’d rather you listen to the show! If you insist, here’s a link to my bio.  

Enjoy the show, and listen with PURPOSE!

Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • Why Productivity? [4:12]
  • Nick spends four weeks in LA (5:20)
  • Finding coach Greg Faxon (6:35)
  • Yes, we wrote a baby book, but WHY??? [8:24]
  • Productivity must have purpose [9:37]
  • Why coaching via podcast [11:29]
  • Listening to everyone’s feedback, but my wife’s [12:57]
  • Who do I coach [16:12]
  • We’re having a THIRD child [18:12]
  • Fun facts and Uruguay [20:05]
  • Developing productive skills out of necessity [23:15]
  • On autopilot - how to hack corporate [23:45]
  • Nazach interviews Nick and turns the tables [23:59]
  • Why did Nick quit Corporate America? [25:45]
  • Dichotomy (International vs. entrepreneurship) [28:30]
  • Productivity for purpose [30:37]
  • The psychology of Project Management [32:08]
  • Productivity and our family life (being more mentally present) [33:24]
  • You can be spontaneous but still plan [33:54]
  • Taking the time to plan what you want to do with the kids [36:14]
  • Fancy Breakfast Day [36:54]
  • The tipping point and dreams of sabbatical [40:43]
  • About the show and our guests [42:32]
  • Nuggets of affirmation [48:26]
  • The Productive Yours & Mine (PYM) Community [49:47]
  • Productivity nuggets [50:16]
  • Other fun facts [55:11]