2 - Can a Photographer Be Productive? (Coaching w/Marlo Laney)

Marlo Laney (Photographer, Studio Owner, Co-Working Connector)

Marlo Laney (Photographer, Studio Owner, Co-Working Connector)

"It gives me goose bumps when women leave [my studio] feeling better than when they walked in." - Marlo Laney

I was SO NERVOUS about my FIRST “ON-AIR” productivity coaching session with photographer, studio owner, co-working connector, Marlo Laney (@MarloLaney) of Marlo Laney Photography and MLP Connects.

Nevertheless, this is what the show is all about!  On-air coaching for entrepreneurial Moms & Dads and anyone who wants their time back, in an era where overwhelm is normal, and overtime is expected…but you already know this; here’s more about Ms. Laney...

Marlo has an incredible business, a vibrant personality and the drive to get the RIGHT things done, and get them done for purpose.  

She’s is a military brat; the military gave her the opportunity to spend time living in Germany, Italy, Alaska, Las Vegas and Colorado.  Before moving to Tampa, Marlo and her family lived in Stafford Virginia, where she built a team of real estate professionals. 

She spent 20 years working in the real estate industry and even though she was doing very well, inspired by the death of a hero, her close family member, she decided to change careers and open her own photography studio, here in Tampa.  

Marlo's studio is called MLP Studios, and it's a totally creative, fun, and practical for a co-working connections space.  We recorded this podcast, epic tech failures and all (solely on my part), right inside her studio.

She loves to sing and dance and has a true passion for photography and helping other entrepreneurs connect and grow their businesses.  She believes there’s beauty in everyone she meets, and she wants to show them, through her photography passion, how truly beautiful they are. 

Marlo has spent the past few years looking inward, and refining not only her skills as a photographer, but as a person as well.

Her studio specializes in Contemporary Glamour Photography, whether it’s a unique “Family Connection” or maternity session, the “Celebrity Experience,” or her “Girl’s Night Out” experience...

Marlo’s promised to get me GLAMMED up, so look for my photo shoot when we do that in the very near future!

Please remember to send me your feedback on my coaching and what you think of our podcast!

Enjoy the show.

Show Notes

  • What does “glammed up” mean? [5:08]
  • Busyness is a form of laziness [8:49]
  • About Marlo’s business [10:51]
  • What would make this an awesome coaching experience for you today? [12:40]
  • Marlo’s a-ha moment and “the leap” (if you could do anything you could do, what would it be?) [13:50]
  • Do you have a vision for your business? [14:44]
  • What’s your perfect day at work (getting into Marlo’s process) [18:32]
  • Recognition of Marlo’s need to outsource [22:00]
  • The primary focus is to capture a loving moment [25:03]
  • What do you want to accomplish over the next 90 days? [26:19]
  • 62 families for the holidays? How long does the photo session take? [30:23]
  • Six weeks worth of work…what’s driving the target holiday numbers of clients?[43:00]
  • Maybe it’s a challenge; how to get to the family portraits? [44:07]
  • Getting to what Marlo is excited about; the pot of gold [45:25]
  • Why are family portraits important to Marlo? [47:25]
  • What does a perfect year of family sessions look like (income targets)? [48:45]
  • The “ah-a” moment [49:33]
  • “I need to work with people who value what I do…” [54:33]
  • What is your ideal client Avatar, and how will you reach more of these people? [57:00]
  • Marlo Laney, “glammed out luxury.” [1:00:15]
  • What is the message Marlo wants to communicate (through marketing)? [1:03:53]
  • What’s your next logical step you need to take to move forward? [1:09:21]
  • Productivity overview [1:11:36]
  • How Marlo gets distracted every day [1:14:20]
  • What can be done about Facebook distractions? [1:16:45]
  • About Email distractions and processes for mitigating email overwhelm [1:17:23]
  • How does Marlo use social media? [1:20:47]
  • What form of social media is working to target Marlo’s Avatar? [1:22:24]
  • Committing to a social media schedule [1:26:40]
  • on Scott Adam’s method (his morning ritual) [1:29:40]
  • You’re in a testing phase - when to work on the things that drive business forward [1:35:02]
  • Training your brain to get geared up to do certain tasks during specific times of the day [1:38:37]
  • Action Item summary [1:40:02]:
    1. calling video contact to take next step 
    2. articulating your vision and posting it in your studio
    3. carving out time for social media (10-10:30AM, 3-3:30PM)
    4. allocate time to drive business forward (9-12PM for targeting Avatar, 2x per week)
  • What was the most valuable part of the session? [1:43:41]

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