3 - The Purpose-Driven Real Estate Broker (Coaching w/Dan Brainard)

"...at the core of it, is the fulfillment of actually helping somebody achieve their goals." -Dan Brainard

Do you want to listen to a guy who’s getting things done?  Episode 3 is a recording of my first coaching session with Real Estate Broker, and owner of Brainard Realty, right here in Tampa, FL.  Dan’s a guy I’ve known before I could even drive; and speaking of “drive,” he’s got more in his little finger, than many have in their whole body! 

Dan’s an impressive client, who’s PASSIONATE about helping people through the complicated web we call real estate.  He’s also passionate about LIBERATING people from doing work they hate…he’s said it to me many times, how he strongly believes we should be doing the work we enjoy, for a good purpose.  


The other thing I love about Dan is his go-getting attitude.  If Dan says he’s gonna do it, it gets done.  Whether it’s with me his coach, or the buyers and sellers or agents that report to him, he takes care of business.

Dan doesn’t make excuses.  He goes after it with laser focus and pushes himself with aggressive goals.  That’s why he has a coach!  He likes being challenged, he gets EXCITED about ALL the opportunities out there.

This guy’s the real deal and I’m blessed to be working with him.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

  • Interview Starts [3:30]
  • Main thing on your mind [4:55]
  • The focus is on agents [6:20]
  • About the business "Brainard Realty" [7:02]
  • Starting out by proving it [8:39]
  • Setting lofty goals at the start and Dan's vision [11:30]
  • What would make this coaching session value added? "A Plan to grow the business while focusing on working with buyers and sellers" [15:15]
  • What does the firm look like after the agents are hired? [16:45]
  • The importance of the "customer experience" [18:10]
  • What type of agents do you look for? [19:50]
  • What agents can expect from Brainard Realty? [20:30]
  • What is the ideal mix of Real Estate agents [22:15]
  • Developing and managing a real estate CRM [23:30]
  • Helping people free themselves [25:00]
  • What agents need vs. what we perceive they need [26:04]
  • Lone wolves and the importance of Branding [29:00]
  • The processes of systems of niche realty [32:50]
  • Warm leads vs cold leads [34:20]
  • The first step is the System [39:00]
  • The Target market, their needs and actions taken [42:00]
  • Peace of mind as the key for the clients [44:26]
  • Getting the agents to operate taking that leap of faith [46:32]
  • What is your tool of choice for training and getting agents ready? [48:00]
  • What do you think would be your biggest pitfall? [54:00]
  • Why Dan wants to be the person who always wake up early? [57:50]
  • "Firefighting" always happen in the afternoon [58:57]
  • Using google calendar and time blocking [1:01:55]
  • Instilling confidence on the agents [1:08:30]    
  • Things that gave Dan confidence [1:11:57]
  • Where to find Dan Brainard [1:12:20]

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