4 - Productive Pig Jigging w/ Philanthropist and Super-Connector Chris Whitney

It’s another FIRST for Make it Snappy!  

For the first time EVER, we’ll step briefly away from coaching and try the INTERVIEWING process on for size. We look for productivity experts who can give us the PRACTICAL mechanics of getting the RIGHT things done, and my guest on this episode fits the bill better than anybody I can think of…

My very 1ST interview as the host of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show podcast is with my good friend, Chris Whitney.  

"It's pretty simple. It just comes down to great people." -Chris Whitney

He’s the founder of the annual Tampa Pig Jig barbecue event, that raises money for a rare kidney disease, FSGS.  All charity proceeds go to an incredible charity, NephCure Kidney International.  Chris and his co-founders grew the Pig Jig from a backyard barbecue 5 years ago, to raising over $1MM for NephCure. 

Chris is a Tampa native who led the University of Tampa to a national championship in 2006 as their right-handed pitcher.  In addition to the Tampa Pig Jig, Chris is Managing Director of Trans-Phos Inc., a 3rd generation-owned and operated commercial bulk transportation services provider.  

He’s a member of all kinds of local and international boards, and at such a young age, he’s even built and sold his own very successful dry cleaning business.

I’ve always been fascinated by how Chris gets things done every day, and how he gets it all done with PURPOSE.  Chris is the perfect guest for Make it Snappy because he’s big time intelligent, savvy, well-connected, and unless he’s somehow got everyone fooled, a REALLY good guy.

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Show Notes

  • Interview Starts [4:15]
  • What's Chris' process of achieving such success in stealing all the girls hearts during his 6th grade? [5:34]
  • What is "FSGS" and how it affected Chris personally [6:35]
  • Pig Jig and how it started [10:20]
  • How Pig Jig paired up with Nephcure Kidney International [12:20]
  • The greatest accomplishment of raising awareness for FSGS [15:00]
  • Chris pinpoints the one action he took "the critical step" that earned the event of what it is today [18:40
  • Are there tools and principles that you use to continue the event and set the bar higher each year? [20:14]
  • Never agree to attend a meeting without an "agenda" [22:25]
  • What sort of things have you guys been doing to reach out to patients? [25:26]
  • Raising funds strategies [27:00]
  • What's the most important thing you need to do for thanks giving day? [29:00]
  • The "three things today" list [31:27]
  • What to do with high value activities and low value activities ("learning to say no") [33:12]
  • Chris finds it effective to right down list(productivity list) at night. [34:20]
  • How does Chris measure productivity? [36:00]
  • Learning to slow down, stop and be present [38:20]
  • What's Chris' day job? [40:19]
  • Family legacy [43:00]
  • The third generation attempt to improve and change things [45:40]
  • Learning to ask questions vs give orders on "cultivating leaders" [47:50]
  • What does it take to grow leaders? [48:50]
  • Before you give one order, ask three questions [50:09]
  • Is there someone that grounds you? [52:41]
  • What's your number one distraction (temptation)? [54:47]
  • Why Chris removed Facebook on his phone? [57:07]
  • Effective communication "communication is not just about saying" [1:00:28]
  • What do you enjoy most about everything you are doing? [1:02:00]
  • If you had your own tv show what would you call it and why? [1:06:20]
  • Helping others and making a difference [1:07:00]
  • Where to find Chris [1:08:00]

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