5 - Letting it Flow w/ Sports Videographer & Knowledge-Dropper, Clem Harrod

When it’s flowing, sometimes you just gotta let it flow...

That’s exactly how I’d describe this impromptu productivity coaching/interview/hangout session, whatever you want to call it, with Sports Videographer, Projectionist, husband, father and friend, Clem Harrod.

Clem Harrod, Sports Videographer  (right)  filming Jameer Nelson, Boston Celtics Point Guard  (left)

Clem Harrod, Sports Videographer (right) filming Jameer Nelson, Boston Celtics Point Guard (left)

"Some of the things you seem to be looking for you can get right here." -Clem Harrod

Hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to listen to the first four episodes of Make it Snappy and this one’s No. 5 for you.  As such, you’re probably familiar with that SMOOTH, milky voice you first hear when you click, “play.” 

You know, the one who asks me “how I get it all done…,” on the intro track to every episode, right before our voice artist, Jasmin Johnson (props) introduces the show! 

Well, that super-smooth voice is that of the ONE and ONLY, Mr. Clem Harrod...

It was late on a Thursday night; I grabbed my little “portable studio” and headed over to Clem’s crib (aka, his “man cave”) to do the recording for the intro of Make it Snappy.  We got everything setup and found ourselves goofing around on the microphones and liked where it was all going; so we kept rolling! 

We actually recorded this ENTIRE episode before we even did any work on the intro!

I had a great time having this conversation with Clem, and in fact, we’re making plans to do a follow-up session ON-AIR sometime in the next quarter! 

I wouldn’t call it a straight-up coaching session; it’s definitely blended with interview-style questions, inward reflections on both our parts, and some really good “life discussion” on being a husband and father in this day and age.

I know you’ll enjoy this interview/coaching session/laid-back man-cave experience I had the pleasure of participating in, with Clem Harrod.

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Show Notes

  • Interview with Clem started [3:08]
  • What made you decide to be a video projectionist? [3:35]
  • Clem started doing convention works during "lockout" periods [5:42]
  • There are more rooms to grow in convention services [6:25]
  • How Clem defines growth [7:27]
  • Knowing the roles and the patterns [9:32]
  • There's still room for Clem to grow but his heart is not there [10:53]
  • How does the work that you would do, directly contribute to your "personal  fulfillment"? [11:09]
  • "I am somebody" [13:00]
  • What do you envision five years from now? [14:09]
  • Five years from now, how do you picture your life? [16:13]
  • What's stopping you from envisioning yourself as being great? [18:42]
  • How Clem started watching Ted talks [19:20]
  • Clem talks about his commitment to church [22:00]
  • The fully functioning website on Stikk.com [25:25]
  • Clem's "body wellness" and the "criss-cross apple sauce" [27:33]
  • Finding out what was Clem's worst hit [28:48]
  • The Concussion [30:25]
  • How does working out tied to you knowing yourself better? [31:20]
  • Physical health leads to mental health [31:50]
  • What's most important to Clem right now? [33:14]
  • Contentment vs. complacency [35:39]
  • Experiences and fulfillments [37:50]
  • Creating the culture within the family and changing mindsets [41:40]
  • Actions taken by Clem to make the biggest impact (greatness for family) [43:12]
  • Transitioning to be a better person [44:42]
  • The action of listening and the action of understanding [46:50]
  • Not being 100% present at the moment [48:10]
  • The "pause and repeat" technique [49:08]
  • In that pause, there needs to be silence [50:25]
  • The struggles of active listening [51:40]
  • Is there anything you are struggling with (from productivity perspective) [52:18]
  • The "unnamed" concept [55:50]
  • Clem's surprise trip for wife on their 10th wedding anniversary [56:55]
  • What are the things that Clem would commit to do? [58:05]
  • The family schedules, decisions and commitments [1:01:00]
  • The power in weekly and monthly stuffs [1:05:00]
  • Making it snappy [1:06:11]
  • Getting personal self schedule is powerful [1:08:50]
  • How to find Clem [1:11:28]

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