8 - Keepin’ it Real & Making it Creative (Coaching w/Niel Guilarte of “All Things Post”)

Working crazy late nights in post production

...can catch up with even the most driven and dedicated.  I had the pleasure of coaching my good friend and fellow-podcaster, Niel Guilarte.

Niel and I met through the Tampa Bay Business Owners (TBBO) family, and every time I see Niel he’s always got a smile on his face. 

He welcomed me with open arms to the unique world of podcasting and actually coached me during the period leading up to the launch of the The Make it Snappy Productivity Show.

In fact, we’ve seen really good numbers so far and I owe the majority of the success we’ve seen to Niel’s kick-butt coaching, and his continued dedication to promoting this show, both pre- and post-launch.

Niel Guilarte is the owner of Wildstyle Media, a name he’s embraced since his days as DJ Wildstyle back in the 90’s...

Niel Guilarte, "DJ Wildstyle" (how about that Southpark shirt?)

Niel Guilarte, "DJ Wildstyle" (how about that Southpark shirt?)

Wildstyle Media is a high-end video and audio production business, who also provides podcast editing services for all you podcasters out there looking for some relief from editing.

Niel Guilarte, a slightly more intense "DJ Wildstyle"

Niel Guilarte, a slightly more intense "DJ Wildstyle"

Niel’s also the host of an excellent podcast called “All Things Post,” dedicated to serving video and audio post production professionals.

I’ve actually been a guest on Niel’s show, so if you want to see listen to my guest spot and everything Niel’s has going on with All Things Post check it out right here:

Niel's tremendously active in social media and he's recently launch a new YouTube channel called Wildstyle BTS.  Some consider him a Periscope and BLAB expert, I call him the original "Peri-Blabber," and he's had a few indie films that have done very well over the past few years.  Niel moved to Tampa, FL from Orlando two years ago and basically, he's the MAN.

Big thanks to Niel for being brave and stepping up to be on my show this week and to his wife, Noemi and their beautiful 2-yr old daughter, Natalia.


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Show Notes

  • A business to serve and help people [6:00]
  • I don’t necessarily need my business to be a filmmaker [6:20]
  • I now want to build a company that will outlast me [6:40]
  • A contradiction? [7:12]
  • Ideally you’d want to work during the day [16:05]
  • What’s it going to take for you to only work during the day? [16:41]
  • The post production business is the last night beast [17:17]
  • What would it take for Niel to shut it down at 5PM? [17:45]
  • The control freak [19:00]
  • Training people to think like you [25:01]
  • Getting completely vulnerable [27:15]
  • Niel’s commitment (by the end of the year) [28:22]
  • The cutest break known [29:19]
  • Is it audio or video that’s keeps you up at night? [32:15]
  • In theory, I could just leave at 5PM…[34:54]
  • The answer is to make more money so I can get more help [37:58]
  • I need to find a way to “negotiate” with myself [41:03]
  • What baby steps can you take? [42:00]
  • What’s the one thing you’ll commit to within 30-days? [46:56]
  • Going to bed at 12AM (by May 8th) [48:45]

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