9 - The Fittest Pregnant Pro Ever! (Coaching w/Pregnancy Fitness Guru, Christine Iloni)

It’s true…she’s the most fit prego on the planet!!! 

Christine Iloni, Certified Personal Trainer, Insanity Live Instructor, Diamond Beachbody Coach and I talked in depth about big dreams and aspirations of making a full-time living on her already thriving side gig as a Fitness Professional.

Christine’s goal is to encourage, education and empower those interested in leading a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and quality fitness.

Christine can turn a walker into a runner, a runner into a “tough mudder” and a tough mudder into a Champion, and yes, that's is indeed Christine with Celebrity Fitness Instructor, Shaun T!

Christine Iloni  on stage with Insanity Coach,  Shaun T

Christine Iloni on stage with Insanity Coach, Shaun T

Christine has a passion for running in race events and over the last three years, she’s participated in several mud/obstacle course races with her partner, Chris Hubert (the super-stud shown below).

Chris & Christine (Team Chris) after crushing a mud obstacle course!

Chris & Christine (Team Chris) after crushing a mud obstacle course!

Christine & Chris (a.k.a., “Team Chris”) own both motorcycles and a brindle boxer named Champ!  They'll be expecting their first baby boy, in mid-February 2016!

As such, over the last eight months Christine has been plugged into a new world of fitness:  PREGNANCY fitness!  

She’s embraced this opportunity and established an entirely new brand around her physique in total support of soon-to-be Moms. 

Photo courtesy of  @ChristineIloniFitness

Photo courtesy of @ChristineIloniFitness

In fact, when we had our coaching session, Christine was only a mere 36-days away from giving birth!  

You can check out Christine’s journey as a frist-time Mom and experience her quest for a fit & healthy pregnancy first-hand...because she’s documented the whole thing, month-by-month on her website!

Please enjoy this exclusive episode with Christine Iloni and make sure to extend your congratulations to "Team Chris" on the birth of their new baby boy!

Show Notes

  • People love prego people [6:50]
  • A full-time employee with big dreams [7:20]
  • To be an entrepreneur under a well-branded company [8:44]
  • There’s a lot of anger out there [9:10]
  • Is Beachbody the end game? [10:29]
  • What would make this a fantastic coaching session? [12:58]
  • How Beachbody works [16:00]
  • What Christine needs to achieve her vision [19:00]
  • When clients demand too much time (the red flags) [23:03]
  • The cutest ad to ever air on a podcast [24:00]
  • Niel Guilarte of Wildstyle Media [25:07]
  • How Christine gets clients [27:15]
  • Christine’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system [28:30]
  • What would you do differently if you had more time? [30:00]
  • How much time does does the side gig take up? [34:00]
  • Quitting is not necessarily a bad thing [38:03]
  • Do you want to go back to the fear? [39:40]
  • Christine’s action items (the 90 conversation commitment) [40:30]

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