10 - Productive Superdads Work Smarter, Not Harder (Interview w/Timo Kiander)

More productive than a management consultant…

Able to crush tall goals in a single session…

Look, up on the web!  It’s Superdad!

I know, I know, a joke isn’t funny if you have to explain it…

So I’m not sure if you’ll appreciate the Superman reference, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate super-productive, super-efficient, blogger/author/father, Timo Kiander!

"What is failure in the first place?  It's about learning"  -Timo Kiander

Timo is living the productive life we’re all striving for. 

He’s the Superdad who knows what it means to make every moment count, to plan ahead, to work SMARTER not harder on what really matters in life…

Timo Kiander's   former   website title and logo from  ProductiveSuperdad.com

Timo Kiander's former website title and logo from ProductiveSuperdad.com

His passion is to help people who struggle being productive when working from home, with the hugely important responsibility of being a husband and father while following your dreams.

I love this interview, because Timo and I are completely aligned with a common passion, using productivity as a tool for purpose.


About Timo

Timo Kiander is an author, time-management trainer, blogger, productivity coach and founder of smartproductivework.com

He’s written a productive library of books available for your downloading pleasure on Amazon; including Work Smarter Not Harder, and Overcoming Procrastination: 44 Actionable Tips to Take Control of Your Life.

It’s probably been around five years since I first came across Timo’s work back when his site was called ProductiveSuperdad.com and I was like, yeah, I wanna be a productive Superdad, BRING IT ON! 

From running marathons to building a huge online following as a full-time employee, Timo’s the one who really got the productivity wheels turning for me when I started my journey towards entrepreneurship.

For this reason it felt right to bring him on the show as one of my first interviewees!

We cover quite a bit of ground during our interview, from meditation to being creative while you run, Timo wasn't shy about giving out strategies to lead a productive life.

I’ve learned a lot from Timo over the years, and I know you will as well. 


Timo Kiander's interview for Time Management Magazine

Show Notes

  • Interview begins [3:25]
  • Productivity & saying “no” [4:25]
  • Timo’s true passion [6:00]
  • How he got started [7:15]
  • How marathon running got the wheels turning [9:15]
  • Mind like water: how running can boost creativity [14:14]
  • Meditation & wandering minds [15:38]
  • Conscious incompetence [17:52]
  • Struggling with personal productivity & learning [18:13]
  • Do we ever really fail? [21:00]
  • Success is a funny word [22:05]
  • Pumping out books on Amazon [22:55]
  • What metrics do you use to measure personal productivity [23:30]
  • Using weekly reviews for progress tracking [25:20]
  • Advice for the want-trepreneur (knowing when to quit) [28:40]
  • Being ruthless about the “why” [30:30]
  • It’s still easy to fill your hours without a day job [32:00]
  • Surrounding yourself with people better than you [33:30]
  • Unconventional thinking: adding task for preparation [36:45]
  • What’s the most important thing you’ll commit to? [40:00]
  • How to find Timo online [41:01]
  • Coach with Timo [43:50]

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