22 - How to Track Every Moment of Your Life & Why (with Nick Snapp)

Yes, I track EVERY moment of my life…

and you may want to do the same.  After listening to this episode I hope you’ll see the value of why I do the craziness I do.

     "It's not always about the money, it's about your investment"   - Nick Snapp

   "It's not always about the money, it's about your investment" - Nick Snapp


On another note…you want to talk productivity, right?  That’s why you listen...

Well, one of the MOST productive things, ANY of us can do in business, especially if we’re content creators, is to RE-PURPOSE our content.

I’m here to tell you ladies and gentlemen that I’ve been BURNED in the past!  There have been WAY too many times where I HAVEN’T worked smarter…but harder.


I took part in the blasphemy of creating ISOLATED content.


I was getting creative, no doubt about it, but TOTALLY limiting my reach.


Our content, the BRILLIANCE we share to the world can and SHOULD be translated into MULTIPLE platforms to reach more people and spread out message further!  


Content can be created to FEED and support all of it’s moving parts.


Up until now, I was putting out COMPLETELY, NON-RELATED content for my YouTube channel, my Periscope and Blab broadcasts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, my BLOG, my email list…


It took a lot of UNNECESSARY time, hard work and dedication and because I track every moment of my life, I know exactly how much time all this was taking me.


So here’s what I’ve done to RE-PURPOSE in lieu of ISOLATE...


Each week I create two blog posts one on my blog, and another on LinkedIn, and I also do a weekly Blab Broadcast every Wednesday night at 8:45PM EST (blab.im/thesnappyshow).


Well, it dawned on me recently to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the fact that Blab gives us the incredible capability to not only broadcast to a MASSIVE number of people, but also to download both the video AND the audio from our broadcast on Blab. 


And what BETTER way to engage with my audience with a CONSISTENT message than to discuss my blog articles over Blab?


My audience not only gets great content delivered to them each week but now gets to interact with the content’s author via Q&A!  


Well this episode is my FIRST RE-PURPOSING of my blog post on How to Track Every Moment of Your Life (& Why)…and it was all recorded over Blab last week (you can watch it right here below, by the way)...


I'm very pleased to present to you my extra episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, on “How to Record Every Moment of Your Life (and Why),” recorded live on Blab….





  • Show started [4:50]
  • How do you track your time to where it is useful and you use the information? [5:30]
  • First step "what's the VALUE of your time? [6:00]
  • Why and how Nick turned to a virtual assistant's aid? [7:00]
  • Second step "defining what your GOALS are" [8:00]
  • What is your time worth just in LIFE in general? [9:30]
  • Are you spending enough time doing things that matter in LIFE? [10:05]
  • Thirds Step "BUCKETIZING your tasks" [11:00]
  • Tracking "eating" [12:30] 
  • Tracking "tv movies,housework and breaks" [13:40]
  • Tracking the "podcast" [15:30]
  • Tracking time with the "kids" [16:40]
  • Tracking "social media" [18:00]
  • Recap [19:30]
  • Strategize how to achieve goals that matter [21:35]
  • Being productive by not working 40 hours a week [23:00]


  • Opening up the floor! [20:49]
  • How do you avoid over tracking your time? (Jeff Page)? [20:59]
  • Having a podcast bucket and sub-buckets [22:50]
  • Lord Kelvin's what’s not measured cannot be improved [25:03]
  • How to be productive in a smart way (Deb) [27:30]
  • The ups and downs with periscope [29:00]
  • The efficiency and productivity of message [31:49]
  • Are you tracking your time? [32:55]
  • Setting "goals" that you can accomplish [34:40]
  • The talk about pricing and rates [37:00]
  • Being vigilant in tracking time [39:23]
  • The development of a good habit [40:20]
  • The value of time tracking and main goals [41:30]
  • The best way is to be connected to humans [44:13]
  • Personal tracking (Nick) [45:45]
  • The benefits of the "old school" [47:20]
  • Time tracking sheet [50:40]
  • Can I decrease the value of my business and still make ends meet? [53:28]
  • Getting to know the real issue [56:40]
  • Tracking the wasted time [57:30]
  • Measuring the time invested and the results [59:50]
  • Do you set the metrics before you start tracking the time? [1:01:41]
  • You have to be not depressed when you track your time [1:04:49]
  • You just don't know how your spending your time until you see the data come back [1:07:39]
  • What's your reason of tracking time? [1:12:05]