23 - Do You Know Where the Time Goes? (Coaching with Marlo Laney)

If you don’t know where you’ve come from...it's hard to know where you're going.

You’re in store for a UNIQUE coaching experience this episode around the area of tracking personal time and MEASURING performance!

What better way to shed some light on this month’s topic of MEASURING PERFORMANCE, than to offer you an on-air coaching session with the one, the only, photographer, real estate agent, co-working studio owner, Marlo Laney.

If you listened way back when we launched The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, you may remember Episode #2, my ORIGINAL recorded coaching session with Marlo.  If so, you’re probably familiar with some of what she’s got going on as the owner of MLP Studios and MLP photography, where she specializes in headshot photos.

AND, at the end of Episode 2, I promised you, my faithful listeners that we would circle back with Marlo, in about 90-days or so and I STRIVE to be a man of my word, so here we are!  

Marlo Laney, owns MLP Studios, where she specializes in “HEADSHOT” photography, and offers a co-working space for entrepreneurs to make it SNAPPEN…

Marlo’s recently returned to her REAL ESTATE roots, and asked me to help her develop a plan, to gain more control over her time.

I’m excited for you to listen to this week’s episode with my guest who was once again BRAVE enough to be coached on the show, Marlo Laney.

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  • Welcoming Marlo back [5:16]
  • How the last session (Episode #2) helped Marlo [7:00]
  • What would make this a good session for you? [8:32]
  • If you don't know where you come from, how do you know if your getting any better? [10:37]
  • What keeps Marlo accountable? [11:25]
  • Do you know how much time you are spending doing what you do each day? [12:30]
  • How Marlo rejuvenated her real estate business [14:02]
  • What is Marlo's focus right now? [15:46]
  • Pricing headshots and packages Marlo offers [16:47]
  • How many headshots? [17:50]
  • How much time do you spend on a weekly basis? [19:45]
  • What are your photography goals? [21:21]
  • If Marlo were to dream bigger, she would... [23:44]
  • Marlo's long-term goal! [25:42]
  • The 80/20 principle [26:30]
  • Setting up the infrastructure "buckets" [27:50]
  • Productivity in the car [28:50]
  • Ten Hours of "lead generation" [30:42]
  • What do you do then for the headshots in a week? [32:28]
  • The "Blog Post" goal and time dedication [34:51]
  • Session time budget [37:14]
  • How else are you spending your time? [39:35]
  • Getting the applications Marlo needs [42:00]
  • Do you feel comfortable with the plan moving forward? [44:40]
  • How to find Marlo [46:00]