27 - The Productive Home Routine (with Nick and Nazach Snapp)

Productive Home Routines...

    "I just like order, I just think it's          important that everyone in the          household knows what has to                   happen"   - Nazach Snapp

    "I just like order, I just think it's          important that everyone in the          household knows what has to                   happen" - Nazach Snapp

How can you be productive with your home routine?  It's our topic-of-the-month on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show and we’ve done a Snappy job of laying the groundwork for a value-added month.  

As usual, my wife Nazach Snapp joins me on the podcast to kick off our new topic but what’s particularly interesting is the fact that I’m a little out of my comfort zone on the home-routine front!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, home productivity is the area I need the majority of my improvement on and I’m so incredibly grateful my wife is around to kick me into shape on the home front.  

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?  Where one is weak, the other is strong. 

We cover a wide-variety of topics: from household order, to chores, to meal planning to innovative laundry techniques (you got that right)!  

I’ve learned a heck of a lot about home routines from Nazach and I hope you learn a heck of a lot from this episode of Make it Snappy.

If you have any questions, please record it for us by clicking here, or leave a comment below, we’d love to read your thoughts!

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  • Interview starts [3:39]
  • Experience with "Productive Home Routines" [5:30]
  • Do you think home routines are as important as work routines? [7:05]
  • Thinking about the home routine as pieces of a puzzle [8:53]
  • Why home routines make life easier for Nazach [10:11]
  • How morning routines go in Snapp house [12:14]
  • The agreement vs. expectations on "poopy" issues [14:00]
  • How to sell the power of a morning routine to a small children? [15:11]
  • How would you describe a productive day at home? [17:54]
  • How does Nazach generate her chore list? [19:40]
  • The take on laundry routines [22:00]
  • Why Nazach likes to batch [24:06]
  • What's Nick's morning ritual? [24:50] 
  • Nazach meditates? [26:49]
  • "Outsourcing" home routines [30:58] 
  • The afternoon routine [32:16]
  • The power of the "Joint Weekly Review" [34:10]
  • Home projects and childcare issues [37:07]
  • It always comes back to agreements [40:06]
  • Why apply work productivity in home life? [39:07]