26 - Get Your Life Back! Metrics That Matter (with Nick Snapp)

Metrics that matter start with knowing what you want to do!

This week I present to you some INSIGHT into metrics that matter…

I dig a little deeper…

a wee bit more TECHNICAL, than I’ve been in the past, and I take a little dip BACK into my Lean/Six Sigma roots in as simple of a way as possible, like Charlie Strange does in his book, “Hidden Money." 

Charlie was our guest just a few weeks back on Episode #21, released on the birthday of my baby boy Nico Emmanuel on April 7th.  

Charlie Strange, author of    Hidden Money

Charlie Strange, author of Hidden Money

I remember how I felt this deep desire, almost this panic, to have Charlie on the podcast. 

Despite everything he was going through, ALL of which I had absolutely NO knowledge about at the time, he gave one hour of the little precious time that he had left to be on this show.

Charlie passed away on April 21, 2016 as he lost his life to pancreatic cancer.  He fought to the end, and I miss him.

Charlie was an amazing human being with a talent of breaking difficult concepts down into digestible pieces.  He did this in his book called “Hidden Money,” which was released only six days before he died.

To order Charlie’s book on Amazon, click here.

Thank you Charlie for taking the time to be on this show.  May God bless you and your family, in Jesus name.

This episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, on Metrics that Matter, is dedicated to Charlie.

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  • Show (Blab) starts [2:43]
  • Getting your life back about metrics that matter [3:23]
  • How Lean Six Sigma works [4:32]
  • Taking the time to really understand the problem [5:56]
  • Where does the problem occur? [7:23]
  • Defining the high-level process "SIPOC" [8:52]
  • Applying "SIPOC" to business AND family life [10:06]
  • Identifying start and finish boundaries [11:24]
  • Defining your process step-by-step and piece-by-piece [13:40]
  • The "17-Step Process" [14:30]
  • Reviewing process steps and identifying opportunities [17:50]
  • Identifying value and non-value-added processes [18:06]
  • What metrics do you want to impact? [19:38]
  • Deciphering "Y is the function of X" (i.e., Y=f(x)) [20:15]
  • How do you align your project to the metrics of the business [21:26]
  • How do you collect data that would support the metrics you want to change? [23:00]