30 - Meal Planning the Lean/Six Sigma Way (with Michelle Aikman)

Lean/Six Sigma projects are only for engineer nerds, right?


"Sleep is my priority, if I don't sleep nothing happens"    - Michelle Aikman

"Sleep is my priority, if I don't sleep nothing happens" - Michelle Aikman

When Michelle Aikman was a stay-at-home Mom, she used Six Sigma to make her meal planning, prep and execution process more efficient.  It’s a super-interesting discussion completely aligned with this month’s “home-routine” theme!

Who better to follow our last episode with Meal Prepping expert Chef Allison Schaaf than a guest who’s done a Lean/Six Sigma project on meal prepping!

Besides Lean/Six Sigma meal prep, Michelle Aikman is an innovative career management consultant, professional resume writer, speaker, trainer, engineer, active-duty military spouse, fitness instructor, AND Mother of two…who has a really innovative ADVENTURE LEARNING business called Cerno.  

Cerno is an Adventure Learning and personal development program where top company performers are nominated to participate in a program that challenges them to push themselves to the limit, in a fun and engaging, yet competitive environment. 

The goal of Cerno is to help high performers remain engaged and motivated at work and operate at their full potential.  

Michelle and I get into not only meal prep, but sleep habits, adventure learning and more!  This interview is actually Part 2 of our original interview we conducted for Episode 20, where we focused on Measuring Performance. 

If you haven’t listened, or you want a refresh on our previous conversation, you can always check out our show notes for Episode 20 by clicking here.







  • Part two interview with Michelle starts [3:19]
  • Taking something from home to the professional workplace  [4:17]
  • Certain things that you just can't find at Costco [5:38]
  • How many times does Michelle grocery shop in a month? [6:54]
  • How do you come up with your "menu"? [7:24]
  • How can we optimize our meal planning process? [8:23]
  • The engineering (six sigma) meal planning project [9:30]
  • Little incremental changes can make a huge difference [10:56]
  • The "small decisions" [11:27]
  • How helpful is this project to all those who are at home all the time? [12:23]
  • What's the trigger point for re-stocking? [12:50]
  • Apps that Michelle likes for meal planning [14:00]
  • The importance of never sacrificing your sleep [17:17]
  • No sleep = nothing happens [18:36] 
  • Where to find Michelle online [19:18]
  • Cerno (the newest brand) [20:35]