33 - Home Routine Coaching (with Kirsty Gutierrez)

I got outside my comfort zone on this one...

and helped with some very unique "home-routine" coaching on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show with Kirsty Gutierrez.

Kirsty is a wife, mom-to-be for the second time, Director of a non-profit health and wellness center and Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority Sister of my beautiful wife Nazach!

Kirsty was interested in setting small, tangible goals for improving her home routine, which we outlined in detail via our conversation.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and her son, and LEAST enjoys doing LAUNDRY...I’m sure there’s NO other Snappy listeners who can relate...

"I am a social worker at heart, so I love my career because it gives me the opportunity give back to our community"    - Kirsty Gutierrez

"I am a social worker at heart, so I love my career because it gives me the opportunity give back to our community"  - Kirsty Gutierrez

Kirsty’s part of our P.O.P. Facebook Family, which stands for PRODUCTIVITY ON PURPOSE.  She mentioned in the P.O.P. group that she was interested in improving her home routine at night and on the weekends, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to have her on the show and figure out how to optimize her home productivity.

                                           Kirsty's Husband and Son

                                           Kirsty's Husband and Son

If you’re interested in checking out P.O.P. and hanging our with Kirsty, myself and the P.O.P. community on Facebook, please text the word ACCOUNTABLE to 44222 and I’ll send you a not only link to the group where you can request "in," but also my free guide specifically for busy parents who want their time back.

Thank you again Kirsty for stepping up, being brave and having an awesome coaching conversation!  I wish you and your beautiful family all the best in your future home-productivity endeavors!






  • Allison Schaaf
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  • Welcoming Kirsty [03:15]
  • Kirsty's home routine during the week [4:00]
  • Kirsty's morning routine [6:30]
  • The "Mom Guilt" [8:52]
  • Going to gym and getting home [10:09]
  • Are there other ways to work out? [11:40]
  • Why Kirsty hates the grocery store? [13:40]
  • Does Kirsty use a calendar? [15:02]
  • How long does it take for Kirsty to plan meals for the week? [16:12]
  • Kid's activities [18:15]
  • Effective meal prepping for Kirsty? [22:00]
  • Taking food inventory [23:00]
  • When to go to gym [27:28]
  • Getting the kids involved with home-routine activities [30:28]
  • On cleaning[33:10]
  • Laundry (Kirsty's biggest enemy) [35:26]
  • Laundry sorting/organizing [37:40]
  • The laundry/meal prep plan [40:00]
  • 21-days for a habit [41:50]