35 - Getting Messy with "The Personal Panel" (Q&A with Crystal Cavey, Clem Harrod & Nazach Snapp)

The “Personal Panel” takes the concept of home productivity to a whole new level of practical wisdom and actionable advice!

My favorite time of the month on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show is when we bring in our panel of experts to answer our listener’s questions about the productivity topic-of-the-month, and it’s been a month filled with “home routine” goodies! 

The “Personal Panel” consists of:

The "Home Productivity Queen" herself, Nazach Snapp, along with "Home-Routine Father-of-the-Year," honorary Dr. Clem Let it Flow Harrod, and our newest member of the panel, Ms. Crystal Cavey.

"For me the most important thing is to do the most important thing"      -Crystal Cavey

"For me the most important thing is to do the most important thing" -Crystal Cavey

Crystal's a writer, certified life coach and public speaker where she motivates, inspires and drives women and young adults to be better than they've ever been. 

                 Crystal is also the brand new   Mrs Illinois America 2016  !

                 Crystal is also the brand new Mrs Illinois America 2016!

She credits the majority of her success as a wife, mom, business owner and now pageant winner, to productivity, specifically, home productivity.  A lifetime Illinois resident with a passion and love for growing women to being their personal best, Crystal’s a 19-year member and adviser for Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, also Nazach Snapp's sorority.

I know you’re going to dig our "Personal Panel."  Don’t forget if you want to submit your own questions for our next panel to answer on-air, you can record them right now by clicking here.







  • Welcome to the Personal Panel [2:37]
  • Introducing Mrs. Illinois America [3:20]
  • How Crystal deals with her full plate [3:45] 
  • Is Crystal an "Essentialist"? [5:40] 
  • "How do I incorporate breakfast on morning routines?" (Question from Emily) [9:23] 
  • Breakfast is an interesting topic for Crystal [11:01]
  • List the things you have committed to [13:31]
  • "Other than to-do list, what is another strategy to use in order to be more productive at home?"(Question from Nene) [14:00]
  • Rotating through the most important things and getting them done [17:00]
  • A messy kitchen after work [18:03]
  • "How do you shape your routines working at home with little ones around?" (Question from Britney) [20:50]
  • Kids takes pride on the tasks assigned to him [22:47]
  • Nazach's comment on getting things done with a newborn [24:00]
  • "How can I be productive w/ two podcasts and a business and try to balance out so I still have family time?"(Question from Diane) [27:35] 
  • The risks of picking up a "second activity" [29:47]
  • "Batching" podcasts (pros and cons) [31:25]
  • "How do I identify where home routines can be improved?" (Pt2 Emily) [32:27]
  • "How do I stay on track w/o being interrupted w/ time sensitive emails or phone calls when I'm working on my to-do-list at home?" (Question by Bruce) [35:37]
  • Custom ring-tone for emergency purposes and apps [38:05]
  • How to find Crystal [39:20]
  • Closing words [41:55]